I hope that all of our readers who celebrate Thanksgiving had an enjoyable holiday. As always, the period from Thanksgiving to Christmas and then New Year’s is a hectic time for most people in both their personal and business lives. The MWJ team is busy working with authors on 2014 articles and with clients, planning next year’s marketing programs. Our 2014 media kit outlines the portfolio of print and electronic products available, and we have products to meet just about all of your marketing requirements.

We’re starting 2014 off with a little twist to the print magazine. The January issue will be our first ever “Augmented Reality” (AR) issue. AR allows readers to enhance their experience by connecting the print world to the digital world. It’s the next step up from QR codes in that it allows advertisers to create a digital experience for readers by embedding video and other rich media into their ads, rather than just links to web pages. It brings your ad to life by adding layers of digital information which can be launched with the reader’s smart phone or tablet. The January issue will feature more than twenty augmented ads and articles, with an introduction and instruction by yours truly. If you’re interested in utilizing this cutting-edge technology in your company’s ads in the future, contact your MWJ rep for more information.

The January issue is our traditional “Radar and Antennas” theme, featuring a cover story on “Next Generation Affordable Smart Antennas” and Technical Features on GaN, MIMO, Phased Array Radar and more. The issue will be distributed at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, gathering place to more than 70,000 wireless professionals. The deadline for ad space is December 13th, with ad material due by December 17th.    

You may have seen our new “Frequency Matters” video series, featuring editors David Vye and Pat Hindle. Pat and David discuss the latest news, provide feedback from events they’ve attended and comment on articles appearing in the latest edition of the magazine. It’s a bi-monthly series that is promoted on our homepage, newsletters, dedicated email blasts and social media. Sponsorship of this new program is now available. Video is a powerful marketing tool, as many companies are discovering. It allows you to demonstrate your products and design solutions better than a mere description allows. MWJ can promote your company’s video through the same channels that we promote our own, greatly expanding the reach and effectiveness of your video marketing program. Consult your MWJ rep for details.

On behalf of the entire MWJ team, we wish all of our marketing partners an enjoyable holiday season and a successful 2014!


Carl Sheffres