PIFA-9D4G-1D8G-1PMI Model No. PIFA-9D4G-1D8G-1 is an integrated frequency down converter used within Doppler Radar Systems.  The RF Input is 9.4 GHz +/- 30 Mhz with an input dynamic range of 100 to 0 dBm.  The LO Input is 2.803 GHz +/- 15 Mhz with a power level of +5 to +7 dBm.  The resulting IF output frequency is 1.8 GHz +/- 10 MHz. 

The RF to IF gain is 10 to 13 dB.  This module incorporates internal RF, IF and LO filtering and amplification for optimum out of band rejection and superior electrical performance.  The group delay ripple from RF to IF Output is less than 0.1 ns over a 20 MHz bandwidth.  The OIP3 is greater than 25 dBm. 

The module operates on single supply of +12 volts and is supplied with SMA female connectors in a package measuring 1.8" x 1.15" x 0.4".


RX Frequency Range (J1)

9.41GHz +/- 30MHz

RX Power Range (J1)

-100dBm to 0dBm

RX High Pass Filter (J1)

8.0GHz Corner Frequency nom

LO Input Frequency (J2)

3.803GHz +/- 15MHz

LO Input Power (J2)

+5dBm to +7dBm

LO Band Pass Filter (J2)

7.2 to 8.5GHz (-3dB IL Nom)

LO Frequency to Mixer (J2)

7.610GHz +/- 30MHz

IF Output Power (J3)

13dBm max

IF Frequency (J3)

1.8GHz +/-10MHz

IF Bandpass Filter (J3)

75MHz Passband (-3dB nom)


1.5:1 max (1.3:1 Preferred)

Noise Figure at Input (J1)

8dB max

Gain (J1 to J3)

10dB min, 13dB max

Group Delay Ripple (J1 to J3)

-0.1nsec/ 20MHz

OP3 (Output)

>25 dBm (>28dBm Preffered)

OP2 (Output)

>15dBm (>18dBm Preffered)

Output Signal Distortion

The module must be unconditionally stable when terminated at J1, J2 and J3 with a short circuit in all phases


Now apparent droop or distortion with a pulse width of 500 to 1000 nsec at 500 to 2000 pps.

Power Supply

+12V @ 1A max

Power Supply Rejection

0.1dB/Volt max

RF Connectors

SMA Jacks


1.8" x 1.15" x 0.4"

Environmental Ratings:


 -40ºC to +85 ºC Operating

 -40ºC to +90 ºC Non-Operating


 0 to 85% RH


Non-Operational (Storage and Transport)
10G, 11ms, Half-Sine
Operating: 2G, 10ms, Half-Sine



  Displacement: 3.0mm

  Acceleration: 20G
  Frequency Range: 5-100Hz



 Temperature Cycle:

 MIL-STD-202F, Method 107D Cond A