Coaxicom’s innovative phase adjustable connector is now offered with a direct solder solution for RG402, .141 semi-rigid and ultra-flex cables. The new design was released in response to industry requests in the competitive RF connector field.  As a US manufacturer, Coaxicom provides customers with the flexibility of design modification to meet specific field applications with a quick delivery solution. The 3993-2 is designed for phase match between two cables as needed for proper system performance. The advanced connector allows for precise manual adjustments to the phase without signal degradation.

To rectify problematic cable assembly phasing, telecommunications companies have had to continually search for ways to modify existing materials to improve efficiency and match time phasing. In order to develop a seamless conversion, electrical engineers have been challenged to modify cable lengths and phase lengths to achieve the desired results, often by trial and error. Now, Florida-based Coaxial Components Corp., has created an innovative solution to overcome these obstacles by providing a technologically-advanced phase adjustable connector that was long overdue.

The Coaxicom 3993 series of Phase Adjusters deliver a means of phase adjustment over frequency ranges up to 18 GHz. The 3993-2 RF connector has an adjustment range of 180? minimum and a maximum VSWR, with insertion loss of 1.30:1 and 0.42 dB, respectively. Check Coaxicom’s online catalog for other versions of phase adjustable products, including adapters and other cable types.