Pulse Measurement
Agilent Technologies Inc. introduced a pulse measurement option for its FieldFox handheld analyzers that is designed to further simplify radar field testing. Testing radar in the field can be challenging due to the multitude of instruments engineers and technicians are required to carry. With the new pulse-measurement option, Agilent’s FieldFox analyzers allow users to carry a single instrument into the field to verify and measure radar pulse characteristics, S-parameters, spectrum analysis and transmitter power.
Agilent Technologies Inc.,

Anaren Inc.,

RF and Microwave Technology
Anaren Inc. is a Syracuse-based, global leader in RF and microwave technology used by in wireless infrastructure, satellite, defense and consumer-electronics applications. The company has approximately 1000 employees and five state-of-the-art facilities worldwide. Product lines include: standard passive components (e.g., couplers, power dividers, baluns, resistors, attenuators, terminations), RF multichip modules, high-reliability softboard and ceramic PCBs, and complex assemblies (e.g., switching, beamformers, antenna feed networks, DRFMs, IMAs).
Anaren Inc.,

AWR Corp.,

Visual System Simulator Software
The new AWR Visual System Simulator™ for LTE brochure provides information for RF/analog engineers on effortlessly evaluating and providing the best performance possible for today’s demanding LTE communication systems. The capabilities in VSS for LTE help designers cut system costs by ensuring that components are not over-specified and needlessly expensive and reduce time-to-market by eliminating iterations and rework. Learn more about VSS for LTE online and download the brochure at
AWR Corp.,

CST, Computer Simulation Technology AG,

EM Simulation for Mobile Communications
As mobile communication devices become thinner, smaller and more complex with every generation, designs need to meet new standards of performance. Using electromagnetic (EM) simulation, engineers can not only design and optimize the antenna of mobile devices, but also test its performance within the handset, for example, by evaluating coupling effects and the impact of dielectric materials, and investigating the influence of the human body on performance. Find out more about CST STUDIO SUITE®, an EM simulation tool, at the company’s website.
CST, Computer Simulation Technology AG,

Emerson Network Power Connectivity Solutions

Cable Assemblies Catalog
Emerson Network Power Connectivity Solutions has a wide range of cable assemblies suited for RF and microwave signal transmission. Emerson Connectivity Solutions is a vertically integrated supplier of custom, fixed length and semi rigid cable assemblies from DC to 50 GHz. The company can create custom cable assemblies to satisfy your specific application requirements, also with manufacturing in the United States, United Kingdom and China; it has a cable assembly to meet any price requirement.
Emerson Network Power Connectivity Solutions,

Huber + Suhner

4.3-10 Connectors
HUBER+SUHNER 4.3-10 connectors offer very low PIM performance together with weight and compactness advantages. A key feature of this connector is the separation of the electrical and mechanical plane, which results in a lower coupling torque and the possibility of offering the connector with screw, hand-screw and quick-lock design, thus simplifying the installation effort and offering for all mechanisms a very high electrical performance. The 4.3-10 connector system is designed to meet the rising performance needs of mobile network equipment while also reducing its size.
Huber + Suhner,


Passive Intermodulation Testing
The iPA is the first battery powered PIM test analyzer versatile enough to support multiple test scenarios such as testing at the top of the tower, base of tower, roof top and in-building for DAS systems. Designed for purpose, the iPA features a rugged design and robust software to assure the product is available when you need it, performs as expected and provides reliable results. And the integrated wireless access point makes remote control easy to configure and use.

MECA Electronics Inc

Components Catalog
Celebrating its 52nd anniversary, MECA (Microwave Electronic Components of America) designs and manufactures an array of RF/microwave components with industry leading performance, most recently low PIM products. MECA is recognized worldwide as a primary source of supply for rugged and reliable components to commercial and military OEMs, service providers and installers by only providing products made in the USA. Download the company’s components catalog at
MECA Electronics Inc.,


Switch Matrix
Mini-Circuits has introduced the USB-1SP4T-A18 switch matrix to its growing lineup of switch matrix test equipment. This new unit covers a wide frequency band from DC to 18 GHz and is useable for most test lab applications. A durable RF switch promises exceptional longevity of 100 million cycles and typical switching time of 25 milliseconds. Extremely low insertion loss (0.2 dB typical) and high on/off isolation (85 dB typical) make the USB-1SP4T-A18 a versatile, high-performing, and economical solution for a wide variety of RF applications.

The USB-1SP4T-A18 is packaged in a rugged metal casing small enough to fit in a brief case with room to spare. It is configured with five SMA(F) connectors (COM, 1, 2, 3 and 4), a 2.1 mm DC socket and a USB type B control port. Switch position is clearly indicated both on the control screen with a simple schematic and on the device itself with green light “on-position” indicator located on the front panel adjacent to each of the output ports. Like all Mini-Circuits portable test tools, the USB-1SP4T-A18 is supplied with easy-to-install, easy-to-use GUI software with an API DLL com object. USB-1SP4T-A18 switch matrices are available off-the-shelf for immediate delivery at an outstanding value.

Reactel Inc

Filters, Multiplexers and Multifunction Assemblies
Reactel offers a variety of filters, multiplexers and multifunction assemblies for the mobile communication industry. Reactel’s experienced engineers can come up with a creative solution for all of your Tx, Rx or Co-site requirements. Reactel has designed a broad range of filters from high power units operating to 5 kW and beyond to extremely small ceramic units that are suitable for handheld or portable applications. The company’s product line includes bandpass, lowpass, highpass and notch filters as well as multiplexers and multi-passband filters. Offering fast turnaround, competitive pricing and high quality, Reactel can satisfy most any requirement you may have.  
Reactel Inc.,


Richardson RFPD Inc

Communications, Power Conversion and Renewable Energy Products
Richardson RFPD Inc., an Arrow Electronics company, is a global leader in the RF and wireless communications, power conversion and renewable energy markets. Relationships with the industry’s top component suppliers enable Richardson RFPD to meet the total engineering needs of each customer. Whether it’s designing components or engineering complete solutions, Richardson RFPD’s worldwide design centers and technical sales team provide support for all aspects of customers’ go-to-market strategy, from prototype to production. More information is available online.
Richardson RFPD Inc.,

Rohde & Schwarz GmbH & Co. KG

Test Solutions
Rohde & Schwarz is the only test equipment vendor to provide solutions for the entire lifecycle of a mobile network; from planning and installation to optimization and operation. This approach enables operators to ensure the performance of their network. At Mobile World Congress 2014 Rohde & Schwarz and its subsidiaries SwissQual and ipoque will be exhibiting solutions for all network phases. Visit booth B50 in hall 6 to learn more about this integrated set of test solutions.
Rohde & Schwarz GmbH & Co. KG,

Discrete and Integrated RF Solutions
Skyworks Solutions Inc. is an innovator of high performance analog semiconductors. Leveraging core technologies, Skyworks supports automotive, broadband, cellular infrastructure, energy management, GPS, industrial, medical, military, wireless networking, smartphone and tablet applications. Visit the company at GSMA Mobile World Congress to learn more about its broad product portfolio of highly integrated front end solutions as well as discrete components for mobile platforms including smartphones, tablets, data cards and GPS systems.
Skyworks Inc.,

Mobile Communication Portfolio
SPINNER is a global leader in developing and manufacturing state-of-the-art RF components. The company’s mobile communication portfolio, which includes jumper cables, surge protectors, and diplexers, supports all major communications networks worldwide, such as LTE, WiMAX, UMTS, GSM, GSM-R, TETRA. It provides all passive components between base station and antenna. The portfolio delivers innovative solutions and systems for multiple uses by outdoor and indoor antennas and is internationally registered with all major system houses and network operators.