A/D Symposium DVD
Get a complimentary copy of Agilent’s 2012 A/D Symposium DVD that includes 20 technical papers on design tools and robust test solutions to help you build greater assurance in test system readiness. Areas covered include radar/EW, satellite, SDR/MilCom, general RF and microwave test. Also included are product and solution videos, application notes and additional resources. Get a copy at
Agilent Technologies Inc.,
Santa Clara, CA
(800) 829-4444,




Ruggedized Connectors
Amphenol® RF’s ARC line of ruggedized connectors literature and video training are now ready for download at under the resource section. Download the cutsheet and watch the video training to learn more about how these connectors are fully submersible and are designed to handle the harshest of elements. The ARC line comes in Type N and TNC, as well as with or without cables.
Amphenol RF,
Danbury, CT
(800) 627-7100,




Resistive Components
Precision-engineered and proven again and again in the toughest applications – Anaren’s family of terminations, resistors, and attenuators addresses your needs. They are designed for high-power applications, from 4 to 800 W and are suitable for ‘mission critical’ applications from DC to 6 GHz, including beamforming networks, military radios, combiners/dividers, T/R modules, high voltage power supplies and high-power detectors. They have a range of packages (SMD, chip, flanged, and flangeless), accurate characterization of performance and are available in low, 50-piece minimum order quantities.
Anaren Ceramics,
Salem, NH
(603) 898-2883,




VCO/CRO Solutions
Looking for high frequency, low phase noise, wideband VCO/CRO solutions to integrate successfully into your RF design? APA Wireless offers total engineering support and assistance that far exceeds competitors in helping you attain your system performance goals. Custom designs are the company’s specialty. Its INSTASOURCE and ACCUSOURCE online ordering system allows you to tailor a product to your unique specifications while maintaining reasonable lead-time.
APA Wireless,
Oakland Park, FL
(954) 563-8833,




VSS for Radar
The new AWR Visual System Simulator Advanced Radar System Design Brochure details the capabilities of the software for behavioral modeling of radar RF and signal processing systems and 3D antenna patterns derived from synthesis or measurement. VSS Radar offers a wide variety of waveform options, as well as RF modeling, antenna and phased array models, DSP modeling, third-party connected verification solutions and a complete radar design library. Read more about VSS Radar online and download the brochure at
AWR Corp.,
El Segundo, CA
(310) 726-3000,




CarlisleIT has added two new connector lines to its push-on family – the TMP® and WMP® series. The TMP family was designed to provide higher power handling capacity for radar applications, while the WMP line provides the smallest form factor for space restricted applications. Both connector series provide the benefits of a push-on interface (simple connection and ease of use in dense package configurations) and include PCB mount, field replaceable, microwave cable, and custom connectors.
Carlisle Interconnect Technologies,
St. Augustine, FL
(800) 458-9960,




Product Catalog
CPI’s Beverly Microwave Division (BMD) designs and manufactures a broad range of RF and microwave products for radar, communications, electronic warfare and scientific applications. CPI/BMD is the world’s largest manufacturer of receiver protectors and related products. Other product lines include magnetrons, TWTs, CFAs, transmitter assemblies, scientific systems, high power solid-state switches and switch assemblies, pressure windows and a wide variety of multifunction components and integrated microwave assemblies.
Communications & Power Industries (CPI),
Beverly, MA
(978) 922-6004,




Electromagnetic Fields Simulation Software
CST develops and markets software for the simulation of electromagnetic fields. Its products allow you to characterize, design and optimize electromagnetic devices all before going into the lab or measurement chamber. The extensive range of tools integrated in CST STUDIO SUITE® enables numerous applications to be analyzed without leaving the user-friendly CST design environment and can offer additional security through cross verification. CST’s customers operate in industries as diverse as defense, telecommunications, automotive, electronics, and medical equipment.
Computer Simulation Technology AG (CST),
Darmstadt, Germany
+49 6151 7303 0,




SSPA Family
CTT Inc. announces a new family of compact, GaN-based solid-state power amplifiers (SSPA) operating in the 6.4 to 11 GHz frequency range for a wide variety of RF and microwave applications including commercial, industrial and military radar applications. CTT’s latest SSPA designs offer as much as 160 W of output power in a compact package. The SSPAs include models for narrowband (in both continuous wave and pulsed mode), wideband and ultra-wideband applications.
CTT Inc.,
Sunnyvale, CA
(408) 541-0596,




SMK Series Catalog
Delta Electronics Manufacturing’s new 15 page SMK (2.92 mm) series catalog details over 65 part numbers that span 31 different configurations in this range of products that operate mode-free to 40 GHz. These products include: Cable plugs and jacks, field replaceable flange mount receptacles (jacks and plugs), thread-in “spark plug” receptacles, adapters within series, hermetic seals and accessory pins. In addition, the catalog features thorough information on materials and finishes, typical electrical performance, assembly procedures, detailed mounting information and a competitive cross reference.
Delta Electronics Manufacturing Corp.,
Beverly, MA
(978) 927-1060,




Components and Assemblies
Delta Microwave has been designing, manufacturing, and testing microwave components and assemblies for military, space, and commercial applications since 1973. Delta Microwave uses advanced technologies to provide custom solutions for challenging customer microwave requirements. The result is a broad product offering that includes low noise and power amplifiers, filters, filter-amplifiers, couplers, combiners and dividers, limiters, multiplexers, and integrated assemblies covering frequencies from 1 MHz to 40 GHz with power handling up to 25 kW.
Delta Microwave,
Oxnard, CA
(805) 751-1100,




Filter Catalog
This new short form catalog features a sampling of the company’s RF and microwave filter products to 40 GHz utilized in military, commercial and wireless applications. The catalog also highlights some of the company’s diverse filter design and manufacturing capabilities.
Eastern Wireless TeleComm Inc.,
Salisbury, MD
(410) 749-3800,




Midwest Microwave Catalog
The new Midwest Microwave catalog highlights passive microwave components for military, space and testing applications. The catalog features current product offerings along with an updated Qualified Parts Listing of attenuators, terminations and SMA connectors manufactured to meet or exceed the performance specifications set forth in the MIL Specification. Also contained within this release is an updated list of approved Defense Logistics Agency (DLA – Formerly DESC) specification products. This list includes SMA, SSMA and BMA connectors and precision adapters.
Emerson Network Power Connectivity Solutions Inc.,
Bannockburn, IL
(847) 739-0300,




RF Synthesizers and Generators
The ITT Exelis Microwave Systems business has been designing and manufacturing high performance DDS-based RF synthesizers and RF waveform generators for more than twenty years. If your radar, IFF, EW or SIGINT system requires fast switching and clean signals, please review ITT Exelis’ technical brief for a sampling of capabilities in low spurious, wideband solutions, tuning in less than 200 nanoseconds from DC to 26 GHz.
ITT Exelis,
McLean, VA
(703) 790-6300,




Short Form Product Guide
The Lorch Microwave short form product guide presents the complete product range in a clear and concise format. The products featured are used in a wide range of military and commercial applications. Also included are frequency range of operation, photographs and specific application information, charts and tables.
Lorch Microwave,
Salisbury, MD
(410) 860-5100,




Components Catalog
Celebrating its 51st anniversary, MECA (Microwave Electronic Components of America) designs and manufactures an array of RF/microwave components with industry leading performance. MECA is recognized worldwide as a primary source of supply for rugged and reliable components to commercial and military OEMs, service providers and installers by only providing products made in the USA.
Meca Electronics Inc.,
Denville, NJ
(866) 444-6322,



Mini Circuits

Synthesizers Brochure
The Mini-Circuits design team can create a custom frequency synthesizer tailored to your requirements. They review your requirements and, following technical discussions between your engineers and Mini-Circuits designers, work closely with you to create final specifications that meet or exceed your requirements. To ensure high yields, they factor in component tolerances and even variations in manufacturing processes. You will have full access to performance data from sample units, and can even evaluate sample units in your system to ensure that final production units fulfill your performance requirements.
Brooklyn, NY
(718) 934-4500,




RF and Microwave Filters and Assemblies
NIC celebrates 25 years of uninterrupted service to the military and space markets. This catalog features NIC’s design and manufacturing capabilities from DC to 40 GHz and showcases a broad range of filter technologies including: LC, crystal, ceramic, cavity, delay equalized and phase matched filters, as well as NIC’s integrated assemblies such as: switch filter banks, filter/amplifiers, and phase shifters. NIC is ISO 9001:2008 certified and AS-9100C certified for aerospace applications. To request a copy, email or visit
Networks International Corp.,
Overland Park, KS
(913) 685-3400,




Overview and Capabilities Brochure
Planar Monolithics Industries (PMI) has released its latest product Overview and Capabilities Brochure. The brochure contains a listing of various RF components and RF module product types up to 40 GHz, including amplifiers, attenuators, phase shifters, detectors, DLVA/SDLVA’s, filters, limiters, switches and switch matrices.
Planar Monolithics Industries,
Frederick, MD
(301) 662-5019,



Pole Zero

Product Catalog
RF Communications become more difficult in the presence of multiple interferers, as is common in today’s Military ConOps where many radios are operating in close proximity. Pole/Zero’s new product catalog provides a broad range of solutions to purify transmitters and protect receivers so you can achieve the clarity and range you need for your mission. Fast tuning, agile products are available in the tuning range of 1.5 MHz to 2 GHz. Contact Pole/Zero to resolve your interference issues.
West Chester, OH
(513) 870-9060,




Filters, Multiplexers and Multi-function Assemblies
This catalog features RF and microwave filters, multiplexers and multi-function assemblies. The catalog contains RF and microwave filters, multiplexers and multi-function assemblies for the military, industrial and commercial industries. To request a copy, please e-mail, or visit
Reactel Inc.,
Gaithersburg, MD
(301) 519-3660,




Analyzing Antenna Performance
Successful integration of an antenna onto a vehicle platform poses many challenges, from vehicle features and motion impacting antenna performance to environmental factors, and radiation hazards. This paper provides a variety of examples on how modeling and simulation can be used to analyze antenna performance, identify problems and evaluate potential solutions. Download at
State College, PA
(814) 861-1299,




Product Selection Guide
RFMD’s 2012-2013 Product Selection Guide provides specifications for more than 750 products including more than 90 recently released products targeting multiple end-market applications. The 64-page guide allows customers to cross-reference and search products using end-market application diagrams. RFMD’s Product Selection Guide lists products servicing more than 15 end-market segments including cellular, point-to-point microwave radio, WiFi, WiMAX, LTE, CPE, smart energy AMI, Zigbee®, wireless infrastructure, military and space, broadband transmission, consumer, and others.
Greensboro, NC
(336) 664-1233,




A&D Selector Guide
The June 2012 A&D Selector Guide includes the latest RF and microwave products for electronic warfare, communications, jammers, and radar (including commercial) applications. Featuring more than 30 new products, the Selector Guide is organized by application and frequency bands. The Richardson RFPD A&D New Product Selector Guide is available on Richardson RFPD’s website, updated monthly, and features direct hyperlinks for purchasing the latest products from the world’s leading suppliers, along with links to the data sheet for each product.
Richardson RFPD Inc.,
LaFox, IL
(800) 737-6937,




Power Divider Short-Form Catalog
RLC Electronics introduces the release of its newest short-form catalog featuring power dividers. This catalog provides a comprehensive listing of DC to 40 GHz standard designs as well as the company’s capabilities to customize in accordance with your specifications. RLC has designed and manufactured a wide variety of power dividers for both commercial and military applications. Please contact them to request a copy of this catalog, or to obtain information regarding any of RLC’s products.
RLC Electronics Inc.,
Mt. Kisco, NY
(914) 241-1334,



R and S

Test & Measurement Catalog
This catalog will give you an overview of all Rohde & Schwarz’s T&M products. It contains almost 200 pages full of information about the company’s T&M instruments and systems as well as their software. Each product has a short description, photos, the most important specifications and ordering information. On the Rohde & Schwarz website, you can find this catalog as a PDF file for download. Order number: PD 5213.7590.42.
Rohde & Schwarz GmbH & Co. KG,
Munich, Germany
+49 89 4129-12345,




PIM White Paper
San-tron’s latest white paper, “Minimizing PIM Generation From RF Cables and Connectors,” explores passive intermodulation (PIM), its effects on modern communication systems, and how it can be minimized in high-frequency cables, connectors, and cable assemblies. In addition to exploring the different causes of PIM, this white paper also reviews San-tron’s efforts to create connector interfaces with low-PIM mechanical structures and to minimize the use of paramagnetic materials in its connectors.
San-tron Inc.,
Ipswich, MA
(978) 356-1585,




FleXtra Application Note
SV Microwave is proud to introduce the FleXtra™ line of cable assemblies – a new family of high performance flexible 0.047 style cable assemblies. Available in multiple variations, the new FleXtra cables will surely fit your needs. Choose from a wide variety of industry standard connector styles or custom designs to meet your performance requirements.
SV Microwave,
West Palm Beach, FL
(561) 840-1800,




Harness Capabilities Brochure
Teledyne Storm Products’ new Multi-Channel Microwave Solutions brochure details the company’s capabilities in the design and manufacture of both standard and custom multi-channel microwave harness assemblies. The harnesses, found in a wide range of airborne, ground and sea-based military and commercial applications, are backed by Teledyne Storm’s more than 30 years of microwave cable design and manufacturing expertise. It includes a case study.
Teledyne Storm Products,
Woodridge, IL
(630) 754-3300,




RF Interconnect Solutions for DAS
Times Microwave Systems announces the availability of its RF Interconnect Solutions for Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) brochure. Typical applications of DAS technology include large buildings, stadium venues and shopping malls where signals are either attenuated because of the surrounding building structure or large groups of people congregate to overload the otherwise limited capacity of carrier networks. Included in the brochure are the popular LMR® low loss, flexible coaxial cables, connectors and cable assemblies, low PIM plenum and non-plenum rated cables and jumpers and surge protection devices.
Times Microwave Systems,
Wallingford, CT
(203) 949-8400,




Military Products Catalog
Vectron International is both a product manufacturer and a solutions provider, leading with its unique technology but always prepared to design and engineer custom solutions where required. Vectron’s core competency combines its classic crystal and SAW technology with sophisticated integrated circuits and advanced packaging. Aside from these capabilities, Vectron strives to be extremely flexible and focused on service, responding quickly and professionally helping customers innovate, improve and grow their business.
Vectron International,
Hudson, NH
(888) 328-7661,




Werlatone 2012 Catalog
Werlatone, in business since 1965, supplies a full range of high power combiners, dividers, 90° hybrid couplers, and directional couplers. The company’s new catalog highlights some of its new products as well as several of its most popular designs. Werlatone’s full library contains over 2000 models. Please note that 65 percent of the company’s business revolves around custom designs.
Werlatone Inc.,
Patterson, NY
(845) 278-2220,