Global defense and security company Saab has announced the establishment of Saab Defense and Security USA LLC (SDAS). This represents the joining of several U.S.-based Saab defense companies into a single U.S. defense and homeland security provider. Shared management structures and security governance will increase synergies and improve efficiency. The company’s goal is to build an agile and responsive U.S. company able to deliver innovative, timely and highly-effective solutions to meet local defense and security needs.

SDAS brings together the operations of the former separate legal entities, Saab Training USA LLC, Saab Barracuda LLC, Saab Support and Services LLC, and the defense elements of the Saab Sensis Corporation, into a single organizational structure.

Forming the new company is a further step in the long-term development and growth of Saab in North America. As a combined entity, SDAS will have a greater ability to respond to changing market conditions in the United States and in the global defense market making it possible to grow jobs and expertise in the U.S.

Mr. Jonas Hjelm, Head of Saab’s Americas Market Area stated, “Even when viewed against the background of the current budget situation, the U.S. defense and security market represents nearly 50 per cent of the total global market. This makes it very important for Saab to solidify its position and grow its presence in the U.S.”

“Our existing portfolio of products, systems and capabilities provide us a flexibility to provide quick solutions to meet customer needs and make us an attractive partner to major U.S. defense industries. From its very start, Saab Defense and Security USA has a sound business footing and is expected to remain a profitable company with excellent prospects.”

SDAS will operate under a special security agreement with the U.S. Department of Defense. This will ensure the required protections remain in place so the company can sustain and build its defense and homeland security activities.