Crane Aerospace & Electronics Microwave Solutions launches its new VPX product line, which includes three products: Modular Quad IF Up and Down Converter, Modular Direct Synthesizer and the Modular Seven Channel Indirect Synthesizer. These offerings provide critical functionality for processing of rapidly evolving Electronic Warfare signals. Low spurious and noise performance, as well as an exceptionally small physical implementation provides a platform on which to build future advanced system architectures. The modular VPX configuration allows common modules to be re-used readily in new applications.

“These three VPX products will provide new levels of miniaturization and performance for EW systems in support of more application requirements of its global users,” said Bob Ferrante, VP Microwave Solutions. “Crane Electronics Microwave Solutions is rapidly moving from a supplier of high-performance components to a high value partner providing critical multi-function building blocks for advanced system architectures.”

For more information click on the products for the Modular Quad IF Up and Down ConverterModular Direct Synthesizerand the Modular Seven Channel Indirect Synthesizeror visit for the product selector tool.

Crane Electronics Inc., Microwave Solutions offers Merrimac and Signal Technology RF and microwave products for the defense, space and communications industries for use in radar, electronic warfare, missiles, intelligence and guidance systems.