Parametric Bandpass Filters
These parametric bandpass filters are designed for local multipoint distribution system wireless applications. The filters feature constant delay, high selectivity, small size and low cost, and can be used to transmit and receive data at rapid rates in limited bandwidth channels. The filters utilize a constant-delay/sharp-attenuation parametric nonminimum phase function polynomial. This design is based on minimizing selected coefficients of the group delay response's (linear and parabolic terms) expansion to minimize the applied signal's pulse distortion while providing sharp attenuation characteristics. The filters operate from 500 to 5000 MHz.
Plainview, NY
(516) 694-6700

1.71 - 1.99 GHz Directional Coupler
The model DC18-73 monolithic 20 dB directional coupler operates from 1.71 to 1.99 GHz and offers insertion loss at 0.2 dB (typ) and isolation at 38 dB (typ). Input/output SWR is 1.1. The coupler is available in a small SOT 6 or MSOP-8 and SOIC 8 packages, and features good coupling repeatability.
Alpha Industries
Woburn, MA
(800) 290-7200, ext. 608 or (508) 628-4702, ext. 608

Surface-mount 90 Hybrid Coupler
The Xinger" model 1D1304-3 surface-mount 3 dB 90¡ hybrid coupler is designed for use in wireless amplifiers operating in the 800 to 1200 MHz range. The coupler handles 100 W CW (avg) power with a minimum isolation of 21 dB and a maximum amplitude balance of ±0.4 dB. Phase balance is 3¡ (max), insertion loss is 0.30 dB (max) and SWR is 1.2 (max). The surface-mount package measures 0.56" ´ 0.35" ´ 0.075" with edge-plated channels for reliable soldering and inspection. Specifications are valid from -55¡ to +85¡C. Price: $1.98 each (10,000). The unit is available in standard tape-and-reel packaging.
Anaren Microwave Inc.
East Syracuse, NY
(315) 432-8909.

Programmable Waveguide Attenuators and Phase Changers
These 4 to 140 GHz programmable waveguide attenuators and phase changers are designed for automated fade margin/bit error rate (BER) testing, automatic test and measurement systems, and remote control systems. The 610 series programmable attenuators include models to 4 GHz (WG12 and WR187). The new series 611 attenuators offer manual control and a visual indication of attenuation setting via a drum scale. The 0 to 60 dB repositioning time for all models is < 1.2 s. Attenuation accuracy is better than one percent over the full operating frequency range. The resettability at 60 dB is typically better than 0.02 dB. The attenuation is continuously variable with no momentary signal loss. The series 660 programmable phase changers include models from 4 to 140 GHz (WG12/WR187 to WG28/ WR8) and provide continuous phase change in positive and negative directions. The smallest phase change increment is 0.2¡.
Flann Microwave
Bodmin, Cornwall, UK
+44 (0) 1208 77777

SP6T Switch
The model L64-001 SP6T switch handles 20 W CW over the 7 to 11 GHz frequency band. Isolation is > 60 dB, insertion loss is 2.5 dB (max) and switching speed is 500 ns. The switch measures 2.5" ´ 4" ´ 1" and is furnished with either GPO or removable SMA-F connectors.
Hill Engineering Inc.
Topsfield, MA
(508) 887-5754.

1.93 - 1.99 GHz Drop-in Isolators and Circulators
These drop-in isolators and circulators operate from 1.93 to 1.99 GHz. The units feature an isolation of 20 dB (min); SWR of 1.25 (max); insertion loss of 0.20 dB, 0.25 dB (max); RF power rating of 10 W; and operating temperature range of -40¡ to +100¡C. The units are also 100 percent tested. Performance is guaranteed over the specified operating temperature. Consistent performance is assured through the use of a precision test fixture.
Harris Corp., Farinon Division
San Antonio, TX
(210) 561-6300.

24-way Power Divider
This 24-way power divider operates from 20 to 2000 MHz. The unit features a port-to-port isolation of 20 dB (typ), insertion loss (including split) of 18.5 dB (typ), amplitude balance of ±0.5 dB (max) and an amplitude flatness of 1.5 dB (max). SWR is < 1.5 (typ).
I.F. Engineering Corp.
Dudley, MA
(508) 943-5636.

GPS Triplexer
The model 3DRZ11 Global Positioning System (GPS) triplexer uses ceramic technology to achieve a low loss pass band and high selectivity. The three center frequencies are 1227, 1381 and 1575 MHz. All channels feature an insertion loss < 1.25 dB over fo ±10 MHz and reject is > 45 dBc in adjacent channels. The SWR of each channel is < 1.5 in the pass bands. The filter is contained in a 2" ´ 1.25" ´ 0.4" package with SMA connectors.
K&L Microwave Inc.
Salisbury, MD
(410) 749-2424.

High Power Resistors
The models OHM-PAC-900 and OHM-PAC-1500 high power resistors operate from 800 to 900 MHz and 1400 to 1900 MHz, respectively, and are designed to terminate a Wilkinson power divider embedded in a multilayer PCB. The resistors allow the power divider's isolation resistor to be added externally when the resistor is embedded in a multilayer board. The resistors are mounted in TO-3 packages, can be added externally to the board and can pick up the proper terminals of the embedded Wilkinson power divider at any level of the board. The resistors maintain 100 W resistance ±5 percent and any other ohmic value between 20 and 300 W can be supplied. The resistors are contained in a matched housing/head sink package for operation over a 10 percent bandwidth in the operating frequencies. The power-handling capacity of the model OHM-PAC-900 is 25 W CW and 10 W for the model OHM-PAC-1500.
KDI/triangle Electronics Inc.
Whippany, NJ
(201) 887-8100.

Cavity and Waveguide Filters
These cavity and waveguide filters operate from 30 MHz to 40 GHz and are available in 12 stock cavity designs. The cavity filters operate from 30 MHz to 26 GHz, and offer bandwidths from < 0.5 to > 66 percent, custom helical, combline and interdigital designs, and single and diplexed configurations. The waveguide filters operate from 4 to 40 GHz with two through eight sections, and typical transmit/receive spacings to 1.25:1.
Lorch Microwave
Salisbury, MD
(800) 780-2169 or (410) 860-5100

Drop-in Isolators and Circulators
These drop-in isolators and circulators are designed for the cellular, digital communications system (DCS) and personal communications system (PCS) applications. The units provide output protection on cellular base station subsystems such as combiners and amplifiers in the duplexers on the output of each cellular base station's transceiver and in interstage isolation in cellular base station high power amplifiers. The isolators and circulators are compatible with solder-reflow manufacturing techniques and are suitable for surface-mount and pick-and-place manufacturing.
M/A-COM Inc. an AMP company
Lowell, MA
(800) 366-2266

mm-wave YIG Bandpass Filters
The mm-wave line of four-stage yttrium iron garnet (YIG) bandpass filters provide high selectivity and offer good image rejection. The model MLFP-43040 operates from 3 to 40 GHz and features an insertion loss of 6 dB (max), pass band spurs and ripple of 2.5 dB over 85 percent of the centered 3 dB bandwidth, and pass band SWR of 2 (max). The model MLFP-47040 operates from 7 to 40 GHz and features insertion loss of 6 dB (max), pass band spurs and ripple of 2.5 dB over 85 percent of the centered 3 dB bandwidth, and pass band SWR of 2 (max). Micro Lambda Inc.
Fremont, CA
(510) 770-9221

Cellular and PCS High Power Loads
The models 634 and 636 high power loads are designed for high power cellular and PCS applications. These oil-filled loads provide good power handling performance at low cost. The model 634 is rated at 150 W; the model 636 is rated at 600 W and is available in 1200 W versions. The units offer an operating frequency range to 3 GHz with low SWR. Type-N connectors are standard.
Microwave Devices Inc.
Franklin, IN (317)

SPDT Polarization Switch
The model WFS90-4H-C SPDT polarization switch enables a terrain-mapping system to toggle between vertical and horizontal polarizations while operating at high peak and CW RF power levels. The switch features an operating frequency range of 9.4 to 10 GHz; RF power handling of 22 kW peak, 600 W average; insertion loss of 1.50 dB (max), 0.6 dB (typ); and SWR of 1.20 (max), 1.15 (typ).
Microwave Resources Inc. (MRI)
Norcross, GA
(404) 441-9193

Highpass Filters
The model SCHF-25 highpass filter allows RF in the 27.5 to 200 MHz frequency range to pass with < 1 dB loss while stopping RF in the DC to 13 MHz and 13 to 19 MHz bands with > 40 dB loss and > 20 dB loss, respectively. Typical SWR in the stop band and pass band are 18 and 1.3, respectively. The 50 W surface-mount filters are available in tape-and-reel packaging. Price: $14.95 (1-9).
Brooklyn, NY
(718) 934-4500

PCS Block A Duplexer
The model R7947 PCS block A duplexer separates the receive pass band from the transmit pass band. Other units are available for blocks B, C, D, E and F. The transmit and receive frequency ranges are 1930 to 1945 MHz and 1850 to 1865 MHz, respectively. Bandwidth is 15 MHz and SWR is 1.5. Size: 2.2" ´ 2" ´ 7". Weight: 27 oz.
Microphase Corp.
Norwalk, CT
(203) 866-8000

High Reliability Chip Resistor
This high reliability, high voltage, ultra-stable chip resistor is designed for applications where surges and spiked voltages are possible. The resistor is available in the 1206 size and is suitable for pulsed applications such as in defibrillator circuits. Resistance change is < 0.3 percent after 1000 pulses at 1000 V on 100 kW. Values range from 100 kW and up. For values 1 MW and higher, there is < 0.1 percent change. High voltage resistors are available in top contact for wire bondable or a wrap-style termination for solder or epoxy attachment. Bulk package, chip carriers, or tape and reel for automated insertion equipment can be specified. Delivery: five weeks or less, depending on style.
Mini-Systems Inc., Thick Film Division
North Attleboro, MA
(508) 695-0203

Coaxial Surge Protectors
The PTC series coaxial surge protectors provide bidirectional transient limiting against lightning strikes. The protectors employ gas-discharge tube technology, which senses voltage and clamps transients to the ground in less than a microsecond. The units operate over the full DC to 2.5 GHz frequency range in a single unit and offer a compact, rugged package; bilateral protection to block transients from both sides of the protector; DC continuity; and a shorter lead time.
NexTek Inc.
Westford, MA
(508) 486-0582

Viterbi/Trellis Decoder IC
The model Q1900 Viterbi/Trellis decoder IC supports data rates up to 25 Mbps in Viterbi mode and 75 Mbps in Trellis mode. The Viterbi mode supports four k = 7 convolutional code rates, including 1/3, 1/2, 3/4 and 7/8. The Trellis mode supports two k = 7 convolutional code rates, including 2/3 for eight phase-shift keying (PSK) and 3/4 for 16 PSK. Full duplex encode and decode are available in both Viterbi and Trellis modes. The device supports channel BER measurements and built-in phase synchronization for binary PSK, quadrature PSK (QPSK) and offset QPSK modulation techniques. The Trellis mode supports built-in phase synchronization for eight PSK and 16 PSK. The model is available in an 84-pin PLCC or 100-pin VTQFP package. Price: $16 (PLCC package); $18 (VTQFP package).
San Diego, CA
(619) 587-1121

Load-pull Test System Diplexer
The model PTD21/35-3.5 diplexer is designed for use in a load-pull test system. The diplexer uses a lowpass filter rather than two bandpass filters. Channel 1 is the lowpass filter, passing DC to 2.1 GHz. Channel 2 is the bandpass filter, passing 3.6 to 4 GHz. The lowpass filter is a stepped microstrip design; the bandpass filter is a round-rod combline. In both bands, insertion loss is < 0.8 dB, return loss exceeds 15 dB and channel-to-channel isolation is more than 50 dB. The common port incorporates a male 3.5 mm connector, and the lowpass and bandpass ports incorporate female 3.5 mm connectors. Size: 7" ´ 2.5" ´ 1.5".
Penny Technologies
Brooklyn, NY
(718) 782-4149

Subminiature Coax Contacts
The series 31, size 8 coax contacts feature an SWR < 1.18 to 3 GHz for use in GPS, code-di- vision multiple access (CDMA), PCS wireless and cellular applications. The simplified three-piece construction delivers reliable RF interconnection, and crimp/crimp technology eliminates the need for soldering and cleaning procedures. The contacts are manufactured in several configurations, including right angle, straight and PCB mount.
Retconn, a subsidiary of SPM,
Torrington, CT
(860) 496-7307

Low Loss Combline Filter
The model F-11964 low loss combline filter features a pass band from 1940 to 2000 MHz. Pass band SWR is 1.5 (max) and pass band insertion loss is 1.5 dB (max). The reject band is from DC to 1900 MHz and 2030 to 4800 MHz, and reject band attenuation is 40 dB (min). The filter has a power rating of 50 W.
RLC Electronics Inc.
Mount Kisco, NY
(914) 241-1334

Surface-mount Connectors
These surface-mount connectors offer easy mounting to the PCB with good board retention without the need for plated through-hole mounting. All standard subminiature and ultra-miniature interfaces are available including SMA, SMB, SMC, MCX and the company's SMX. The connectors also feature low SWR up to 6 GHz, 0.025" standoffs for easy cleaning and solder inspection, and a reliable snap-on detent locking feature designed for up to 1000 mating cycles. Tape-and-reel packaging can be specified.
Irvine, CA
(714) 250-1244

Custom Cable Assembly
This cable assembly incorporates a solid Teflonª dielectric and an enhanced shielding structure for improved isolation in critical applications. The cable can be provided with a thin-walled Teflon jacket or left unjacketed for maximum flexibility. Frequency ranges from VHF through D-band. The surface-mount connector is soldered directly to board surfaces and withstands airborne shock environments. When used with a bulkhead-style connector, the assemblies are suitable for PCB replacements without the need to solder/unsolder.
Storm Products, Advanced Technology Group
Hindsdale, IL
(630) 323-9121

Four-way Power Divider
The model DL 4389 four-way power divider operates over the 800 to 980 MHz frequency range. Isolation is 18 dB (min), insertion loss is 0.50 dB (max) and SWR is 1.6 (max). Maximum amplitude and phase unbalance are 0.5 dB and 5¡, respectively. Size: 1" ´ 1" ´ 0.150" in flatpak.
Technical Research and Manufacturing Inc. (TRM),
Bedford, NH
(603) 627-6000

High Current-handling Chip Inductor
The model FSLP2520 high current-handling mH chip inductor offers a DC resistance approximately half that of typical wire-wound inductors. The inductor is supplied in the EIA-standard 1008 footprint (2.5 mm ´ 2 mm) and has a low profile of 1.8 mm. The surface-mount unit uses a wire-wound structure providing good temperature stability and sensitivity, and overall product performance. The device is available in an inductance range of 1 to 47 mH in 10 or 20 percent tolerances, and has an operating temperature range of -40¡ to +85¡C. The inductor is supplied in quantities of 2000 on tape and reel to support automated assembly techniques, and offers good solderability and high heat resistance for flow and reflow soldering. Price: 25¢ each (10,000).
Toko America Inc.
Mt. Prospect, IL
(800) 745-8656

DCS1800 and PCS1900 Isolators and Circulators
These new versions of isolators and circulators for DCS1800 and PCS1900 applications are now available in 0.75" packages. The units feature losses smaller than 0.2 dB, admissible reflected power of 20 W CW and an operating temperature range of -40¡ to +90¡C.
Les Ulis cedex, France
(33 1) 69 82 20 00

Low Loss Flexible Coax
The model LMR"-DB watertight flexible coax is designed for antenna feeder applications to prevent the migration of water from the antenna to the transmitter/receiver if water penetrates the system. The coax meets industry-standard watertightness tests (ASTM D4565, REA PE-39 and ANSI S-84-608) and is suitable for aerial and direct-burial applications, has improved long-term reliability with a 10-year warranty and is available in several sizes.
Times Microwave Systems
Wallingford, CT
(800) 867-2629 or (203) 949-8400

Fixed Attenuator
The model HFP-510 10 W, bidirectional, convection air-cooled fixed-attenuator pad offers a broad bandwidth from DC to 6 GHz with low SWR. Attenuation values range from 0 to 40 dB. Connectors are types N and SMA. The device is also available in a 20 W version (model HFP-520) with N-type connectors.
Trilithic Inc.
Indianapolis, IN
(317) 895-3600

SONET Clock-recovery Module
The model SCRM-2488 synchronous optical network (SONET) clock recovery module operates at 2.48832 GHz with a built-in DEMUX function. The module is a phase-locked loop (PLL)-based turn-key solution for clock and data recovery at SONET OC-48 STM-16 rates. The module meets both CCITT and Bellcore requirements for jitter transfer and accommodation, and is offered in a single package with no external crystal oscillator required. The module features an onboard 38.88 MHz crystal oscillator that provides holdover, onboard DEMUX function that reduces output to four 622 MHz data streams with clock, small size in 16-pin double DIP or surface-mount package, and an easy-to-drop-in solution.
Vectron Laboratories Inc.
Norwalk, CT
(203) 853-4433

SONET/SDH Fiber-optic Receiver Module
The model SRM-155 SONET/synchronous digital hierarchy (SDH) fiber-optic receiver module is designed for optical interface applications in broadband telecommunication networks. The receiver operates at 155.52 Mbps and incorporates a GaAs PIN photodetector, GaAs preamplifier, silicon postamplifier and surface acoustic wave filter-based timing recovery unit. The module runs off a single +5 V power supply, is emitter-coupled logic (ECL)/PECL compatible and is housed in a compact, industry-standard 20-pin package.
Vectron Technologies Inc.,
Hudson, NH
(603) 598-0070

Microwave Cable Assembly
This microwave cable assembly features quick-disconnect size 12 contacts for high electrical performance and signal density for mm-wave applications. The size 12 contact has a slide-on feature that allows the use of connector systems such as MIL-C-38999, which eliminates the use of a torque wrench. The contact also allows for more lines to be connected to units. An axial-spring feature permits reference plane mating for good phase repeatability and stability. The size 12 contact is available in several cable sizes from 0.05" to 0.12" (dia).
W.L. Gore & Associates Inc.
Newark, DE
(800) 356-4622

Absorptive Pulse Modulator Switch
The model SW-2183-1AT-107 absorptive pulse modulator switch with integral differential line receiver pairs is designed for ST506, ST412, ESDI and RS-422 interfacing applications. The switch meets 10 ns maximum rise/fall times and options are available for integrated video filters on input/output ports. Minimum isolation is 80 dB from 1 to 12.4 GHz and 70 dB from 0.3 to 1 GHz and 12.4 to 18 GHz. Insertion loss and SWR (on/off) are 3.5 dB (max) and 2, respectively. Size: 1" ´ 1" ´ 0.5". Power requirements are +5 V DC at 90 mA and -12 V DC at 75 mA.
American Microwave Corp.
Frederick, MD
(301) 662-4700

High Data Rate ICs
The models SX049 transceiver, SX048 receive-only and SX047 transmit-only direct-sequence, spread spectrum ICs are designed for higher data rate wireless applications. The model SX049 high data rate transceiver contains data rates from 100 bps to 16 Mbps and PN code lengths up to 2047 chips/bit. Designed to serve as a collection host for a large group of WavePlex transmitters and transceivers, the model SX048 features data rates up to 16 Mbps. The model SX047 offers data rates up to 8 Mbps and is designed to interface easily with other WavePlex receivers and transceivers. Prices: $23.05 each (model SX049), $14.65 each (model SX048) and $8.80 each (model SX047) (10,000).
American Microsystems Inc. (AMI)
Pocatello, ID
(208) 233-4690



Wireless System Antennas
The DirectLinkª series medium-gain antennas are linearly polarized, articulating patch-type antennas, which feature an indoor/outdoor design, flexible installation options and high performance. The units use a MicroAirª air dielectric design to eliminate the losses associated with etched circuit boards. The antennas can be used in receive or transmit applications and are available in several frequency ranges, including 1710 to 1880 MHz, 1850 to 1990 MHz, 2300 to 2500 MHz, 5150 to 5350 MHz and 5725 to 5825 MHz. The antennas are housed in a rugged, UV-stable molded plastic enclosure for indoor and outdoor applications. Other features include a microstrip element and broadband feed circuit that provide 7.5 dBi minimum gain across each band, a nominal 60¡ ´ 77¡ directive beamwidth and an SWR < 1.5. Models operating in 5 GHz bands comprise multiple elements that provide 12 dBi gain. The articulating versions measure 4.6" ´ 3.8" ´ 2.25" and weigh 8 oz. The nonarticulating versions measure 4.6" ´ 3.8" ´ 1.50" and weigh 5 oz. Mounting options include a standard flat wall mount, ±30¡ articulating wall mount, mast mount and universal 45¡ ´ 180¡ articulating mount.
Cushcraft Corp.
Manchester, NH
(800) 258-3860 or (603) 627-7877

Roof-mounting System
The Qwikmount water-ballasted, nonpenetrating roof mount is designed for PCS, cellular and microwave antennas. By using water as a ballast, the system eliminates the cost of transporting bricks, sand or concrete to the roof to ballast a mount. Shipping weight is < 150 lb. The segmented ballast tank is provided in three sections for easier shipping and handling, and bolts together to provide stable support. The device can also be used in groups to form array assemblies. The unit supports several antennas for cellular, PCS, specialized mobile radio and microwave applications, and is available with standard mast pipe sizes of 2" and 4". (Special sizes are available on request.) Available accessories include cable trays and supports, antenna mounts, antenna mounting arrays and roof entries.
Tower Structures
Chula Vista, CA
(619) 421-1181


Rack-mounted Power Amplifier
The model ACAM-7952 broadband, 10 W power amplifier is mounted in a 19" rack. The amplifier features a multi-octave bandwidth, 110 V AC operation, 100 to 500 MHz frequency range and 27 dB gain. The amplifier also features an SWR of 2 and operates over the 100 and 400 MHz specialized mobile radio bands, and the 225 to 400 MHz military communications band.
Advanced Control Components Inc.
Eatontown, NJ
(908) 542-7500

100 W Benchtop RF Amplifier
The model 100W1000 benchtop RF amplifier delivers a minimum of 100 W CW power from 1 to 1000 MHz. The minimum linear output power measured at the 1 dB gain compression point is 60 W over the bandwidth. Minimum gain at maximum setting is 50 dB. A front-panel analog meter displays forward and reflected power up to 150 W. The amplifier provides full-rated output power without foldback into loads with an SWR up to 6. Price: $28,000.
Amplifier Research,
Souderton, PA
(800) 933-8181

Dual-channel UHF High Power Amplifier
This air-cooled UHF high power amplifier features dual channels. Each channel operates over an instantaneous bandwidth of 225 to 400 MHz and power control to 100 W continuous output capacity. The unit provides independent control and status of each channel, amplifies the input signals with a minimum of amplitude and phase distortion, and incorporates safety features and design margins that preclude oscillations under normal operation. RF input power is +10 dBm. The amplifier also features an operating temperature range of 0¡ to 60¡C, relative humidity from 0 to 90 percent and altitude from 0 to 10,000 feet.
Chesapeake Microwave Technologies Inc.,
Glen Rock, PA
(717) 235-1655

50 W Linear Power Amplifier
The model EM-4246A-1 AMPLI-SYSTEMª linear power amplifier features built-in digital control for use in electromagnetic immunity test systems. The device is rated for 50 W CW continuous duty from 10 kHz to 1 GHz and features solid-state construction and built-in diagnostic monitoring of all major components. Digital indication of output power, output SWR and fault condition is available from the front panel and a GPIB. Full remote control of amplifier gain and output blanking is also provided. Automatic leveling using either internal or external reference levels provides constant power output vs. frequency. Other features include Windowsª '95 capability, digital front-panel indications, adjustable gain, stable operation and an 850 MB hard disk drive.
Electro-Metrics Inc.
Johnstown, NY
(518) 762-2600.

Linear Power Amplifiers
These class A GaAs FET amplifiers offer a high third-order intercept point (IP3), good harmonic performance, and high efficiency and dynamic range. Options include an RS-232 or RS-485 interface, IEEE-488 GPIC and RF OUT monitor. The model MMPA-2527-630DU features a frequency range from 2500 to 2700 MHz, input power of +13 dBm (nom), output power of +50 dBm (100 W), IP3 of +63 dBm (min), operating temperature range from -45¡ to +50¡C and input/output SWR of 1.5.
ITS Electronics Inc.
Concord, Ontario, Canada
(905) 660-0405

40 W UHF RF Amplifier System
This 40 W UHF RF amplifier system operates from 225 to 600 MHz for rugged, reliable operation in electromagnetic interference/electromagnetic compatibility applications. Specifications include an input/output impedance of 50 W (nom), 100 percent mismatch tolerance and modulation capability, AC power of 120 V AC to 60 Hz/230 V AC to 50 Hz, gain of 40 dB and operating temperature range from -50¡ to +70¡C. Size: 19" ´ 7" ´ 18". Weight: 35 lb. Price: $5950.
LCF Enterprises
Camarillo, CA
(805) 388-8454

17 W CDMA Power Amplifier
This class A linear amplifier provides 17 W average CDMA output power without the need for predistortion, which results in a lower parts count, stable performance over temperature and time, and high mean time between failure. The amplifier operates from 1930 to 1990 MHz with an SWR input/output of 1.5. Operating temperature range is -40¡ to +50¡C, operating voltage is 13 to 15 V at 15 A (max), noise figure is 9 dB (max) and IP3 is 56 dBm (min).
Mitec Wireless Inc.
Tinton Falls, NJ
(908) 542-1133.

V-band LNAs
The QLN series low noise amplifiers (LNA) for V-band utilize pseudomorphic high electron mobility transistor devices to achieve noise figures of 4 to 5 dB over a typical bandwidth of 1 to 2 GHz within the frequency range of 50 to 62 GHz. Typical gains range from 20 to 30 dB. Output power at the 1 dB compression point is from 0 to 3 dBm. Each LNA has an internal bias voltage regulator that accepts 8 to 15 V DC and provides reverse- and over-voltage protection. Current draw is < 100 mA. The LNAs are supplied with either a V connector or WR-15 waveguide ports. Optional integral waveguide isolators are available.
QuinStar Technology Inc.
Torrance, CA
(310) 320-1111.

30 W Solid-state Amplifier
The model WPA-0224045-40 linear solid-state amplifier operates from 215 to 410 MHz with an output power at 1 dB compression point of 30 W (min) and input power of 10 dBm (max). The amplifier operates from -10¡ to +50¡C. Other features include harmonics of -30 dBc, out-of-band spurious of -50 dBc (min), gain and gain flatness at 25¡C of 43 ±2 dB and ±1.5 dB full band, respectively, and a noise figure of 15 dB (max). Input and output connectors are type SMA-F. Size: 8" ´ 6" ´ 5" (with heat sink). Weight: 15 lb.
Wavesat Inc.,
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
(514) 739-9918

Linear Power Amplifier
The model BHED2718-1000/4398 class AB linear power amplifier is designed for frequency-agile HF communications and jamming. The amplifier operates from 20 to 100 MHz with 1000 W of output power. The high speed, solid-state filter/switch assembly provides > 60 dB in-band harmonic suppression with < 50 ms switching speeds. A combination of both RS-422 and IEEE-488 control interfaces provides remote control and monitoring functions. Power requirements are 208 V AC, three phase, 50/60 Hz. Size: 33.25" ´ 19" ´ 26".
Comtech PST Corp.
Melville, NY
(516) 777-8900

Low Noise Receiver Amplifier
The model MPS-0808A9-85 low noise high dynamic range amplifier is designed for ultra-linear receiver applications in the 824 to 849 MHz frequency range. The circuit employs a single-stage GaAs FET with internal matching to provide a low noise figure of 1.1 dB (typ) with a high IP3 of +36 dBm (typ). Other features include a 6 V bias and 26 percent high power-added efficiency.
MicroWave Technology
Fremont, CA
(510) 651-6700


Low Noise GaAs MESFET
The model CFB0301 low noise, high dynamic range GaAs MESFET is designed for applications including receivers of cellular and PCS base stations, and industrial data networks. The FET produces > 1 dB noise figure across the 0.8 to 2 GHz frequency range with an IP3 of 34 dBm. The high performance FET features a 600 mm gate width and 0.25 mm gate length. The device is supplied in an industry-standard 70 mil package, and is surface mountable and available in tape and reel. A PCB with SMA connectors is available to evaluate the device within design configurations. Price: $3.50 each (100,000).
Celeritek Inc.
Santa Clara, CA
(408) 986-5060


SAW Phase-lock Oscillators
These multiple-frequency SAW phase-lock oscillators provide low noise outputs at 1500, 1000, 500, 62.5 and 50 MHz. The outputs are phase locked to an external 10 MHz reference. The oscillators combine the high performance of SAW oscillators with the stability of crystal oscillators. The model PLO-50-10 features an output frequency of 50 MHz, output power of +12 dBm and output SWR of 2 (max). All models feature a reference frequency of 10 MHz, reference power of +10 dBm, +15 V DC power supply current of 500 mA (max), +8 V DC power supply current of 250 mA (max) and operating temperature range of -40¡ to +85¡C.
Andersen Laboratories Inc.
Bloomfield, CT
(860) 286-9090.

Internal Voltage-regulated VCXOs
These value-added VCXOs utilize internal voltage regulation, which virtually eliminates frequency variations due to supply voltage changes. The internal low dropout voltage regulator accepts a 5 V ±10 percent incoming supply voltage and regulates the VCXO circuitry to 4.2 V while filtering out incoming ripple noise. The VCXO circuit, including output driver, is run from the quiet 4.2 V DC supply, producing clean, TTL-compatible output levels. The VCXO can be used in rack system applications where hot card swapping is required. The internal voltage regulation feature prevents the VCXO circuitry from exposure to the short-term transients on the bus voltage line. The models are available in a standard 14-pin dip package either through hole or gull wing.
Connor-Winfield Corp.
Aurora, IL
(630) 851-4722

Sinewave Surface-mount TCXOs
The models ES6300 and ES6400 TCXOs measure 11.5 ´ 9.6 ´ 2 mm in a low profile metal package for use in GPS, RF, microwave and telecommunications applications. The units are available in custom frequencies ranging from 10 to 22 MHz with standard frequencies of 12.8, 13, 14.4 and 19.2 MHz. Stabilities from ±3 to ±1.5 ppm and temperature ranges up to -30¡ to +75¡C offer good performance capabilities. Options include a six- or four-pad configuration, 5 or 3 V supply voltage and external or internal trim. Tape-and-reel packaging is available in 1000-piece increments with deliveries from stock to 10 weeks.
Ecliptek Corp.
Cost Mesa, CA
(800) 325-4783 or (714) 433-1200

Surface-mount TCXOs
The KT series temperature-compensated crystal oscillators (TCXO) offer a frequency stability of ±2 ppm with an automatic frequency-control option for use in wireless communications such as cellular and PCS phone sets, base stations, two-way pagers and Japanese personal handyphone system applications. The KT11 and KT12 series TCXOs are available in frequencies from 12.8 to 19.68 MHz in cellular telephone applications with frequency stabilities to ±2 ppm between -30¡ and +80¡C. The devices are available in 3 or 5 V versions. The KT12 series' ultra-miniature package measures 11.6 mm ´ 9.6 mm ´ 2.3 mm. The KT11 series measures 11 mm ´ 9 mm ´ 4 mm. Both devices are sold in tape-and-reel packaging and are compatible with high speed automatic assembly equipment. Price: $10 for both series (2000). Delivery: 10 to 14 weeks.
AVX Corp.
Myrtle Beach, SC
(803) 946-0414

Microwave Synthesizer/Upconverter
The model CS-5770 combined synthesizer and upconverter provides 0.5 to 18 GHz coverage with 100 Hz resolution. Phase noise is < 0.5¡ RMS. Variable attenuation and the unit's capability to upconvert a broadband IF frequency signal allow the unit to provide CW or various complex modulation formats anywhere in the microwave range. The signal source is provided in a small package measuring 3.5" ´ 8.5" ´ 21". Weight: 20 lb.
Communication Solutions Inc.
Baltimore, MD
(410) 574-4557

Digitally Tuned Oscillator
The model D6218 digitally tuned oscillator operates from 2 to 18 GHz. Performance characteristics include frequency settling typically better than ±1 MHz within 1 ms, an accuracy of ±0.5 MHz at 25¡C and a frequency drift < ±0.1 MHz/¡C (max). RF power output is +10 dBm (min) with a variation < 2.5 dB including the effects of frequency response and temperature. Phase noise at 100 kHz offset is < -65 dBc and residual FM at -3 dBc is 150 kHz peak to peak (max). The unit operates from 0¡ to +70¡C. Size: 6.48" ´ 6.23"´ 2".
General Microwave Corp.
Amityville, NY
(516) 226-8900

Cavity-tuned Oscillators
The OTC-CM series cavity-tuned oscillators include operational designs to 45 GHz and provide an ultra-clean source suited for low noise measurements. These free-running oscillators are mechanically tunable over 10 percent bandwidth and can be custom designed per system specifications.
Hauppauge, NY
(516) 436-7400

10 - 52 MHz Crystal Oscillator
The model 4853 Stratum III crystal oscillator operates from 10 to 52 MHz in a low profile compact package measuring 1" ´ 1" ´ 0.52". The oscillator features a free-run accuracy of ±4.6 ppm, holdover stability of ±0.37 ppm/day and pull-in range of ±4.6 ppm. The oscillator also offers a stable +4 V reference output voltage that can be used with the EFC function to provide frequency correction for 10 years. Warm-up time is within ±0.1 ppm of final frequency in three minutes at 25¡C. Warm-up power is 2.5 W. The steady-state power at +25¡C is 1 W. Typical phase noise at 100 Hz is -130 dBc/Hz.
Oak Frequency Control Group (OFC)
Mt. Holly Springs, PA
(717) 486-3411

Surface-mount TCXO
The model T-1084 low profile (0.1" maximum height), surface-mount TCXO can be mounted using standard convection reflow processes. The unit is available with several different frequency and VCO options, and features a ±2.5 ppm frequency vs. temperature characteristic from -30¡ to +70¡C. Delivery: stock.
Oscillatek Inc.
Olathe, KS
(913) 829-1777

Ultra-low Phase Noise Oscillator
The model SLCO-9.000-CS ultra-low phase noise oscillator is based on the company's sapphire-loaded cavity and noise-reduction technologies. The oscillator provides a spur-free 9 GHz signal at +13 dBm drive level with good spectral purity. Typical single-band phase noise is -140 dBc/Hz at a 1 kHz offset, -148 dBc/Hz at a 10 kHz offset and -158 dBc/Hz at 100 kHz. The oscillator is designed to meet demands on spectral purity, vibration sensitivity and low spurious signal performance. The unit can be phase locked to an external reference with good inherent frequency stability and an Allan variance < 10-11 at integration times between 1 ms and 1 s.
Poseidon Scientific Instruments Pty. Ltd.
Fremantle, Western Australia
(09) 430 6639

Surface-mount VCXOs
The S1528 and S1518 series surface-mount VCXOs are available from 1.6 to 28.636 MHz and 28.636 to 120 MHz, respectively. Both parts are HCMOS or TTL compatible and available in commercial 0¡ to 70¡C or industrial -40¡ to +85¡C temperature ranges. The units are available with a variety of frequency tolerance and pullability range options. Tristate output disable is a standard feature. The parts are shipped on tape and reel in 500-piece increments. Prices: $5 to $15 (S1528 series); $7 to $18 (S1518 series) (10,000). Delivery: stock to 12 weeks.
Palo Alto, CA
(800) 227-8974 or (415) 856-6900

ECL-compatible Crystal Oscillators
The ECL series emitter-coupled logic (ECL)-compatible crystal oscillators operate from 20 to 120 MHz for use in high speed computing, graphic workstations, digital communications and analog/digital conversion. The oscillators feature a frequency stability of ±100 ppm (standard), operating temperature range of 0¡ to 70¡C (standard), low output impedance and good noise margins. Price: $14.80 each (100 MHz version). Delivery: two to three weeks (ARO).
Standard Crystal Corp.
El Monte, CA
(800) 423-4578

Voltage-tuned Oscillators
These voltage-tuned oscillators include the SM1-xxx, SM2-xxx and WR1-xxx series, offering nine models from 40 MHz to 400 MHz, eight models from 400 to 4000 MHz and 10 models in 0.9" square pin packages from 40 to 4000 MHz, respectively. The VCOs use high volume pick-and-place equipment for consistent, high quality results, and feature surface-mount packages, high performance/low cost designs, low phase noise, and wide and narrow tuning bandwidths.
Wireless Radio
Dexter, MI
(888) 717-2346

Miniature Surface-mount VCO
The model V165ME01 VCO is a low cost, low noise solution for RF modem applications. The compact VCO delivers a clean spectral signal of -110 dBc/Hz (typ) at 10 kHz from the carrier while operating over the extended temperature range of -40¡ to +80¡C. Generating frequencies from 151 to 179 MHz, the unit covers the 28 MHz bandwidth within 0 to 4 V DC of control. The VCO has an average gain of 21 MHz/V over the frequency band while suppressing the second harmonic to better than -10 dBc. The device minimizes frequency deviation due to changes in temperature. The VCO strengthens PLL designs with its fairly linear tuning sensitivity across the frequency range. Pulling response is better than 1 MHz for a return loss of 14 dB (any phase) and pushing specification is < 5 MHz/V from the nominal supply. Size: 0.50" ´ 0.50" ´ 0.22". Price: approximately $15 each (1000).
Z-Communications Inc.
San Diego, CA
(619) 621-2700

Test Equipment

100 V Pulse Generator/Laser Diode Driver
The model AV-1011B-C functions as a 2 ns rise-and-fall time, 100 V, 100 kHz general-purpose 5 V laboratory pulse generator and as a 2, 4 or 8 A laser diode driver. The output polarity is switch selectable and the pulse width, delay and advance are variable from 100 ns to l ms. The output pulse width can also be set to follow an input trigger pulse width. The output amplitude can be controlled by an externally applied 0 to +10 V control voltage. IEEE-488 GPIB control is available as an option. The pulse generator is housed in a heavy-duty 4" ´ 17" ´ 15" metal chassis with BNC connectors and requires 120/240 V, 50 to 60 Hz prime power. Price: $5998.
Avtech Electrosystems Ltd.
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
(800) 265-6681 or (613) 226-5772.

Thermal Recorder
The model 8400 universal thermal recorder measures voltage, current and temperature simultaneously over an extended time period. The thermal recorder measures voltage from 1 mV to 100 V with ±0.2 percent ±10 mV accuracy. RMS voltages on alternative signals can also be measured. Temperature ranges from 20¡ to 1000¡C can be measured using a PT100 sensor. Temperatures from 50¡ to 2000¡C can be analyzed if thermocouple sensors are used with the unit. The unit features 14 bits resolution, a real-time mode with sampling up to 5 kHz and an automatic configuration change over. The recorder can make eight measurements simultaneously. An additional eight logic channels are also available for triggering acquisition, four- or eight-channel paper trace, and triggering on logical words. All eight measurements can be displayed concurrently on the real-time, high resolution display. Prices: $6950 (four-channel configuration); $7950 (eight-channel configuration). Delivery: two to four weeks.
Boonton Electronics Corp.
Parsippany, NJ
(201) 386-9696

VNA Calibrator
The model 3658 AutoCal automatic vector network analyzer (VNA) calibrator provides fast, repeatable, high quality coaxial calibrations up to 40 GHz. The VNA calibrator features fast one- and two-port calibrations, a six-month recharacterization period, > 34 dB corrected directivity and port match, < 0.20 dB corrected frequency tracking, built-in adapter removal, intuitive Windows user interface and characterized modules traceable to NIST. The unit is an inexpensive solution for testing SMA, 3.5 mm or noninsertable K connector devices.
Anritsu Wiltron Co.
Morgan Hill, CA
(408) 778-4061

Parametric Wafer Probe Stations
The REL-6100 series parametric probe stations combine precision submicron probing capability with the measurement performance needed for DC/CV analysis. Four models are available that offer a guarded chuck, guarded chuck with MicroChamberª light-tight enclosure for over-temperature measurements, thermal chuck with MicroChamber and guarded thermal chuck with MicroChamber. All models provide high precision for internal-die probing and a low leakage, low capacitive measurement environment. The units feature a multiple-wavelength 20 Hz system that performs several laser-cutting operations for semiconductor design verification and failure analysis. The systems' fully integrated low noise thermal chuck operates from -65¡ to +200¡C.
Cascade Microtech
Beaverton, OR
(503) 626-9231

Multisource RF Signal Generator
The model 2026 multisource RF signal generator offers multiple RF outputs integrated into a single unit. Calibrated output guarantees good level accuracy, intermodulation and isolation performance for all types of receiver, submodule and component testing. Each signal source covers a frequency range from 10 kHz to 2.4 GHz. Frequency, level and modulation properties can be controlled independently. The high RF level of individual outputs at +24 dBm is suitable for testing components. The frequency modulation design provides good performance in the DC-coupled mode, with low carrier frequency error and stability. Each signal source can be switched to a separate output connector or to an internal RF combiner network, which allows the unit to accept an external signal generator if digital modulation characteristics or low phase noise are required. The generator combines up to three sources in a 19" wide 4U high rack. A built-in sweep facility performs swept measurement of frequency converters and semi-automatic measurement of selectivity. Price: approximately $20,000 (two-source version). Delivery: eight weeks.
Marconi Instruments Inc.
Fort Worth, TX
(888) 369-2589, ext. 101

Engineering Development Kits
The models DR1001B2-1-DK 433.92 MHz and DR1002B2-1-DK 916.5 MHz engineering development kits evaluate the feasibility of low power wireless data communications applications. Kit modules, such as the radio transceiver boards, are available separately for use in customer end products. Each kit includes two data radio transceiver boards with antennas, two protocol boards, batteries, demonstration software and a manual. The kits support out-of-the-box operation between two PCs with RS-232 serial ports. Each radio transceiver board plugs into a protocol board, which provides the RF packet protocol and serial port interface. The protocol board microcontroller implements a link-layer packet protocol, including ISO3309-type error detection and automatic packet retransmission. The protocol board also includes 3 V CMOS to RS-232 signal conversion. Both LED and error message diagnostics are provided. Price: $350.
RF Monolithics Inc. (RFM)
Dallas, TX
(800) 704-6079 or (972) 448-3700

Multimode Radio Tester
The model CMD 65 digital radio communications tester supports Global System for Mobile communications, DCS, Digital European Cordless Telephone and CDMA standards for testing mobiles and base stations. The tester features comprehensive in-depth module testing, clear prompts on a large liquid crystal display for error- and strain-free operation, and IEEE bus-controlled switch over between the different networks. The unit's remote control via RS-232 interface or IEC/IEEE bus is optimized for high measurement speed. The built-in autorun control facility is suitable for fast and efficient testing in the service environment.
Rohde & Schwarz UK Ltd.
Fleet, Hampshire, UK
01252 811377

AM/PM Noise Calibration Artifacts
The NAL2000 series noise calibration artifacts provide noise measurement accuracies of ±1 dB or better for both AM and PM noise measurement when used in conjunction with any noise measurement system. The artifacts achieve accurate calibration for single- and two-source measurement methods. Two coherent, correlated source channels are provided to allow measurement of the noise floor of a two-source noise measurement system or residual noise of active or passive devices such as amplifiers and mixers. Several standard models covering 900 MHz to X-band are available.
Techtrol Cyclonetics Inc.,
Advanced Noise Technologies Division
New Cumberland, PA
(717) 774-2746


Small Integrated Transmitter/Optical Receiver Units
These small integrated transmitter and optical receiver units combine all the components of a high performance fiber-optic link into ruggedized packages. The units provide the high RF performance over tens of kilometers of fiber. The units operate from 10 MHz to over 40 GHz with low link loss and a temperature range from -40¡ to +70¡C. Applications include antenna remoting, delay lines, radar signal processing and frequency-distribution systems.
Uniphase Telecommunication Products Inc.
Transmission Systems Division
Chalfont, PA
(215) 822-5170

2.4 GHz Radio Modem
The model 2400 high speed, frequency-hopping, spread spectrum radio modem operates in the 2.4 GHz industrial, scientific and medical (ISM) frequency bands. Communication is provided through an RS-232 serial interface at speeds up to 115,200 bps, supporting synchronous or asynchronous data formats. The unit operates full duplex with an over-the-air data rate of 250 kbps. The basic modem has 100 mW of output power with a range of more than 1000 feet using a small whip antenna on the rear panel. The transceiver provides reliable wireless connectivity for point-to-point or point-to-multipoint networks. Frequency-hopping, spread spectrum technology ensures maximum resistance to noise and multipath fading, and robustness in the presence of interfering signals. The unit switches more than 82 frequency channels randomly 40 times per second. Sixteen different configurable hop patterns allow up to 16 separate networks to operate in the same area with up to 255 remotes per network. The unit can be programmed to use carrier-sense multiple access or time-division multiple access techniques.
Young Design Inc.
Falls Church, VA
(703) 237-9090

Processing Equipment

Automatic Wire Bonder Vision System
This Cognex vision system has been added to the company's models 2460-V and 2470-V automatic wire bonders. The system captures the image and processes the vision information two- to four-times faster than was possible previously, resulting in 25 percent improvement in throughput. The system processes 64 gray-level patterns with subpixel calculation and fast, repeatable capture of low contrast reference fiducials, pin outs, gold-on-glass patterns and other substrate metallizations. A look-down camera with an automatic-focus lens and zoom optics allow clear, sharp imaging of devices at various bonding levels.
Palomar Products Inc.
Assembly and Test Products
Carlsbad, CA
(619) 931-3622

Coaxial Cable Processing Attachment
The model CA 9170 coaxial cable processing attachment is designed for use with the model CS 9100 automatic cutting and stripping machine. The attachment is suitable for precise multistage stripping of coaxial cables up to 0.275" OD. Rotating blades cut through the cable layers at both ends of a coaxial cable at predefined, program-selected points and depths. The wire is then fed to the model CA 9100, which starts cutting and stripping the cable sequentially. Repetitive handling is eliminated as the CA 9170 combines cut-to-length and stripping functions for both ends at one station. A central PC controls both machines. Programming is via a graphic display of the cable's parameters. Software control of all processing functions eliminates the need for timely mechanical adjustments.
Schleuniger Inc.
Manchester, NH
(603) 668-8117


Capacitor Performance Parameter Software
The QUIK-CALCª design software assists RF designers in making fast and accurate calculations of all essential capacitor performance parameters. The software allows the user to view the company's entire multilayer capacitor line over a wide range of frequencies. The software also allows for pertinent parameters to be established quickly such as series resonant frequency, equivalent-series resistance, package inductance, quality factor, safe maximum current, voltage ratings, impedance and effective capacitance vs. frequency.
American Technical Ceramics (ATC)
Huntington Station, NY
(516) 547-5700

Three-dimensional, High Frequency Electromagnetic Field Simulation Software
Version 5.0 of the company's High Frequency Structure Simulator (HFSS) is available with improvements in matrix-solver performance, meshing algorithms and advanced material handling. The software is a full-wave, finite-element-based electromagnetic simulator that computes S-parameters and fields for passive, three-dimensional structures. The new meshing algorithm works with an advanced matrix solver to produce improvements in simulation speed, reliability and accuracy. New ferrite modeling capabilities enable the simulation of circulators, isolators and other nonreciprocal devices. The traditional geometric modeler is complemented by a new ACIS-based solids modeler for model generation and integration with CAD tools. Price: $41,900.
Ansoft Corp.
Pittsburgh, PA
(412) 261-3200

ASIC Library
This 0.35 mm application-specific IC (ASIC) library is designed for use with Sente Inc.'s Watt Watcherª multi-engine power analysis environment. The environment allows for lower power consumption, shorter design times and reduced redesign expense for designs based on the company's 0.35 mm ASICs. The environment also provides a single power estimation toolset that shows power characteristics of ASIC designs early in the design process and accepts model data at any level of abstraction from gate primitives to memories, megacells and core cells. The ASIC library and Watt Watcher environment cost $60,000 and operates on Sun Microsystems workstations running either Solaris or SunOS, and on Hewlett-Packard workstations running HP-UX.
Mitsubishi Electronics America Inc.
Electronic Device Group
Sunnyvale, CA
(408) 730-5900

Data-generation Software
The SATGEN optional, Windows-based data-generation program is now available with the company's satellite link emulator (SLE) series test system. The software's graphical user interface allows for quickly specified system parameters, including predefined satellite orbits, multiple ground station coordinates and path-loss models. The software then creates the data files required by the SLE equipment to simulate realistic complex communications paths between an orbiting satellite and a ground station. SATGEN runs directly on the SLE systems or any Windows-based computer with a minimum configuration of 4 MB RAM.
Noise/Com Inc.
Paramus, NJ
(201) 261-8797

RF Atmospheric Propagation Tools
The PModª series software tools perform RF propagation analysis for earth/space paths using standard models and a global database of several atmospheric parameters. Included in the software's calculations are the attenuating effects of rain, water vapor, oxygen and hydrosols along an RF path. The tools are suitable for system planners and link analysts concerned with atmospheric impairments at frequencies above 10 GHz. The first tool available is designed for use with the OPNET simulation package. The second tool is a stand-alone application that runs under Windows. Both tools are designed with the flexibility to perform calculations for several system scenarios. Additional capabilities such as depolarization, combined-effect analysis and fade dynamics can be included for specialized applications.
Stanford Telecommunications
Reston, VA
(800) 840-7663 or (703) 438-7924


FSK+ Digital Microwave Radio Systems
The FSK+ DS3/E3 series digital microwave radio systems are designed for wireless and PCS/personal communications network applications. The systems are available in nonprotected and protected system configurations covering frequency bands from 1.5 to 23 GHz. Frequency diversity and hot standby-protected systems provide fully redundant transmitter and receiver components, power supplies and cables. The systems also feature 1 + 1 errorless receiver switching for protection against atmospheric fading and equipment failures, 4-FSK modulation, a PC-based menu, a user-configurable data scrambler/descrambler, and built-in diagnostics and testing.
Advanced Techcom Inc. (ATI)
Wilmington, MA
(508) 694-3000

Micro Transceiver
The m-Tª (Micro-T) is a wireless communication system designed for use in several measurement and control applications. The unit incorporates built-in functions, including various combinations of digital, analog and serial communication interfaces such as inputs, outputs, pulse-width modulation, asynchronous communications and the serial peripheral interface bus. Application firmware can be downloaded to nonvolatile memory directly or via the RF link. Up to 4 KB of one-time programmable and 400 bytes of electrically erasable programmable read-only memory are available for application software. Receiver characteristics include a frequency of 916.5, 433.92 or 418 MHz; narrowband sensitivity of -110 dBm; spreading gain of 20 dB; and overall sensitivity of -130 dBm. Transmitter characteristics include a frequency of 916.5, 433.92 or 418 MHz and a power output £ 10 mW.
Adcon Telemetry Inc.
Boca Raton, FL
(800) 360-5309 or (561) 989-5309

Microwave Training System
The model 550B-SS microwave training system features built-in, one-step conversion between klystron and solid-state theory. The system is equipped with 23 components per trainer, a training manual with 15 experiments and a rugged storage case. The system's power supply consists of a thermistor bridge and amplifier. The system is also provided with a solid-state plug-in oscillator and standard klystron tube-to-waveguide mount. Price: $4200.
Reliance Merchandising Co.
Bensalem, PA
(215) 638-8200


Hybrid Fiber-optic Isolator/Tap Coupler
The AC/IS series combined isolator/tap coupler is designed based on Erbium-doped fiber amplifiers incorporating a 1.8 percent broadband (1260 to 1600 nm) tap and 1530 to 1563 nm isolator. The integrated component maintains the overall performance of the discrete components in the low polarization-mode dispersion and polarization-dependent loss is maintained. Excess insertion loss is 0.5 dB overall. Package size of the three-port device is 6.35 ´ 6.15 ´ 29.5 mm. The package is fully ruggedized and designed to operate over a 0¡ to 50¡C range.
AG Electro-Optics Ltd.
Tarporley, Cheshire, UK
01829 733305