2013-08-28 SK4-2734034540-KFKF-R1Model SK4-2734034540-KFKF-R1 is a broadband high isolation PIN diode single pole four throw switch. The switch operates from 26.5 to 40.0 GHz. It has better than 40 dB isolation and 5.5 dB typical insertion loss over the entire frequency range. The power handling and input P-1 dB of the switch is greater than +30 dBm CW.

This model has a build-in TTL driver which can provide up to 100 ns switching speed. The required bias for the switch is ±5 Vdc/100 mA. The switch is equipped with 2.92 mm (F) coaxial connectors for RF paths and SMA (F) connector for TTL control signal. The switch weighs 2.0 Oz and measures 1.3” (W) x1.6” (L) x 0.75” (T).

SAGE Millimeter switch family also includes SPST, SPDT and SPMT (Single Pole Multi-Thru) models, both standard and custom designed, to cover the frequency range up to 110 GHz