NEC Corp. has developed a new technology that estimates the transmission speed of internet and mobile network communications (3G and LTE), enabling the provision of high quality services based on transmission speeds.

In recent years, Internet and mobile network services have been increasing their high capacity data communications, such as streaming video and rich content. However, since transmission speeds change from one moment to the next, mobile terminal users must often wait before viewing rich content and the quality of IP phone connections can be difficult to maintain.

In order to provide quality services for users, content providers and network carriers are required to maintain detailed control of data transmission and adjust traffic volumes based on the transmission speeds measured just before data distribution. However, conventional methods for measuring transmission speeds require high capacity data transmission, take a long time and place a heavy load on the network.

"This new technology estimates transmission speeds in less than one second using just ten kilobytes of data (*1)," said Motoo Nishihara, General Manager, Cloud System Research Laboratories, NEC Corp. "As a result, companies can monitor variations in communications speeds in order to optimize the size of their transmission data, enabling the delivery of uninterrupted, stable video and high-quality IP phone services."

"Moreover, telecommunications carriers and content providers can provide these technologies as an application, enabling mobile users to view variations in communications speed in real-time," he added.

Going forward, NEC will continue to promote the adoption of this technology by network monitoring systems and servers as part of contributing to the improvement of video distribution and IP phone services.