Anatech’s standard LC duplexers combine insertion loss of 1 dB or less with isolation greater than 50 dB, return loss greater than 15 dB, and power handling ability up to 20 W.

Anatech LC duplexers are manufactured using inductors and capacitors with a high Q factor, which provides low insertion loss and high selectivity. The inherent characteristics of inductors and capacitors restrict LC duplexers to operation up to about 2000 MHz. Maximum power handling ability is 20 W. Standard designs have 0.05-dB Chebyshev as well as Butterworth, elliptic and Bessel responses.

The duplexers range in size from 1 to more than 18 in. long depending on frequency range, power handling ability, and other parameters. Connectorized, surface mount, printed circuit board mount, drop-in or other configurations are available depending on operating frequency.