1997 IEEE MTT-S International Topical Symposium on Technologies for Wireless Applications/ INTER COMM® 97 Show Guides

Following is a listing of the papers composing the technical program of the 1997 IEEE MTT-S International Topical Symposium on Technologies for Wireless Applications to be held February 24-26, 1997 in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

Monday, 24 February 1997

8:30 to 10:00 am


10:30 am to 12:00 pm


Broadband Wireless Multipoint Systems
R. Douville

A Detailed Examination of MMDS and LMDS
D. Graves

Deployment Considerations for Wireless Local Access Systems at 28 GHz
M. Marshell

Local Multipoint Distribution Services (LMDS) System Concepts and Implementation
J.L. Langston

28 GHz Solid State Channelized Transceiver for Digital LMCS
T.R. Lee

14:00 to 15:30 pm


High Efficiency/Linear Power Amplifiers I
M.H. Florian

A New Empirical Large Signal Model for Silicon RF LDMOS FETs
M. Miller, E. Shumate, T. Dinh

The Effect of Harmonic Load Terminations on RF Power Amplifier Linearity for Sinusoidal and p/4 DQPSK Stimuli
J. Staudinger

Epitaxial GaAs MESFETs for High Linearity, High Efficiency Wireless Applications
E. Schirmann, J. Costa, D.L. Green, M.J. Martinez, A. Reyes, R. Baeten, D. Halchin

High Efficiency GaAs Power MMIC Operating with a Single 3.0 V Supply for PACS Handsets
S. Yamamoto, T. Yokoyama, T. Kunihisa,

M. Nishijima, M. Nishitsuji, K. Nishii, O. Ishikawa

16:00 to 17:30 pm


Novel Antenna Configurations for Emerging Wireless Products
J.M. Bedinger

1.6 - 6 GHz Optimized Antennas for Indoor Wireless LAN Applications
L. Desclos, M. Madihian, T. Ohsawa, J.M. FlocÕh

A Coupled-Segment Quadrifilar Helical Antenna
D. Filipovic, M.A. Tassoudji, E. Ozaki

Hinged, Polarization Diverse, WLAN Antenna
M. Russell, A. Marinilli, J. Preiss

Tuesday, 25 February 1997

8:30 to 10:00 am

Opening Ceremonies

10:30 am to 12:00 pm


Communications Systems I
P. Takats

Analysis of Interferometric Crosstalk in Remote Delivery of Very Narrow Linewidth Millimetre Wave Signals
L. Moura, M. Darby, P.M. Lane, J.J. O'Reilly

Assessment and Comparison of Different Configurations of mm-Wave Fiber Radio Systems Considering SBS Effects
S.L. Zhang, P.M. Lane, J.J. OÕReilly

An Ultra-Fast Locking Frequency Synthesizer Algorithm for Zero Blind Slot Communication in Digital European Cordless Telephone (DECT)
C.M. Yuen, K.F. Tsang, W.S. Chan

Code Selection for Low Complexity Receivers in Multi-Carrier Code Division Multiple Access Systems
L. Freiberg, V.K. Bhargava

Aperture Jitter in IF Sampling CDMA Receivers
S. Mollenkopf

14:00 to 15:00 pm


High Efficiency/Linear Power Amplifiers II
J.M. Golio

A Microwave Feedforward Amplifier with Improved Phase Compensation and Wideband Distortion Cancellation
Y.K.G. Hau, V. Postoyalko, J.R. Richardson

Even-Order Distortion Enveloping Method to Linearize Saturated High Power Amplifiers
K. Horikawa, H. Ogawa

A Low Cost Amplifier Design Technique for Wireless Applications
M.L. Edwards, R. Roddewig, S. Cheng

16:00 to 17:30 pm


Application of Array Antennas to Wireless Systems
B.D. Geller

A Broadband, High Gain PCS Antenna Using Aperture Coupled Microstrip Patches
W.P. Harokopus, S. Sanzgiri, P. Gilliland

Dual Band Cellular Antenna
M.R. Bodley, M.G. Sarcione, F. Beltran, M.E. Russell

Design and Analysis of Antenna Array for Personal Handy Phone Use
M.S. Leong, P.S. Kooi, Y. Ka

Design of an Active Microstrip Array Using a Microwave Circuit Simulator
S. Demir, C. Toker, A. Hizal

Wednesday, 26 February 1997

8:30 to 10:00 am


Coverage Issues in Personal Communications Systems
G.L. Heiter

A Mixed Traffic Management Scheme in Overlaid PCS Systems
J. Oh, Y. Mun

Frequency Reuse Factor vs. Pathloss Exponent and Sectorization
D. Lee, C. Xu, U. Mayekar, M. Mohile

Study of Scattering of Radiowaves from Randomly Located Vertical Wall Using Compensation Theorem Approach
A. Roberts, Y.H. Lee

IM and Harmonic Interference on DCS-1800 Band
D. Lee, C. Xu, U. Mayekar, M. Mohile

10:30 am to 12:00 pm


HBT for Wireless Applications
J. Palella

Future Trends of HBT Technology for Commercial and Defense Applications
A.K. Oki, D.C. Streit, D.K. Umemoto,
L.T. Tran, K.W. Kobayashi, F.M. Yamada, P.C. Grossman, T. Block, M.D. Lammert, S.R. Olson, J. Cowles, M.M. Hope, L. Yang, A. Gutierrez-Aitken, R.S. Kagiwada, S. Nojima, E.A. Rezek, W. Pratt, J. Neal, P. Seymour, V. Steel

Technology and Production of HBT Epitaxial Material
D.C. Streit, A.K. Oki, R. Block, M.D. Lammert, M.P. Hoppe, D.K. Umamoto, M. Wojtowiez

Commercial Applications of GaAs HBTs
V. Steel

Subscriber Unit Transmitter Power Amplifier Prototype and Simulation for Personal Access Communications System (PACS)
H. Izadpanah, R.C. Malkemes, R.R. Cordell, P. Grabbe, D.D. Chukurov

14:00 to 15:30 pm


Design Considerations for Passive Components
S.E. Avery

A SAW Shaping Filter for High Data Rate MSK-Encoding in a Broadband DS-CDMA System
A. Zenzinger, F. Morhart, R. Weigel, L. Reindl

Investigation of Current Crowding Effect on Spiral Inductors
H.S. Tsai, J. Lin, R.C. Frye, K.L. Tai, Y. Lau, D. Kossives, F. Hrycenko, Y-K Chen

Analysis of Passive Components for Wireless Applications Using TLM Electromagnetic Simulations
M. Righi, C. Eswarappa, W.J.R. Hoefer

CAD-Oriented Design of Interdigitated Coplanar Directional Coupler
X.K. Kang, T.Q. Deng, P.S. Kooi, M.S. Leong

16:00 to 17:30 pm


Advanced Technologies for Wireless Applications G. Dawe

Distortion Properties of Gallium Arsenide and Silicon RF and Microwave Switches
R.H. Caverly

New Low-Power/High-Speed Double Cross-Coupled ICO/VCO
N. Tchamov, A. Popov, P. Jarske

A 1.9 GHz Double Balanced Dual Gate Downconversion Mixer in 0.8 mm CMOS
P.J. Sullivan, W.H. Ku, B.A. Xavier

A Single GaAs MMIC for Up and Down Conversion in PCN Transceivers
M.A. Luqueze, D. Consonni, D. Viveiros, Jr., V.P. Neto

An 800 MHz-Band Front-End MCM for Antenna Diversity Type Mobile Communication Handset Terminals
N. Suematsu, K. Hiroshige, A. Sakai, K. Maemura, N. Kasai, Y. Iyama, O. Ishida

Following is a listing of sessions composing the Congress of INTER COMM® 97 to be held February 24-27, 1997 in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

MONDAY, 24 February 1997
8:30 to 10:00 am

Plenary Session:
Wireless Technologies

(Joint with MTT-S)

10:30 am to 12:30 pm
Plenary Session:
Convergence of CATV, Telephony And Wireless

14:00 to 15:30 pm
Plenary Session:
Regional Infrastructure Evolution

16:00 to 17:30 pm
Plenary Session:
Intranets and the Internet : Unleashing the Enterprise

TUESDAY, 25 February 1997
8:30 to 10:00 am

Opening Ceremonies
(Joint with MTT-S)

10:00 to 11:00 am
VIP Exhibition Tour & Coffee Break

11:00 am to 12:30 pm

Concurrent Session I

Converging Carrier Services

New Teleport Developments in Asia, Latin America, Canada and the United States

Broadband Network Access Developments

New Internet-based Business Services and Applications

Defining the ITS (Intelligent Transportation System) Communications Market

14:00 to 15:30 pm
Joint WTA/INTER COMM® 97 Global
Multimedia Plenary Session

16:30 to 18:00 pm

Concurrent Session II

ATM and Frame Relay Deployment Experiences

New PCS Challenges and Alternatives

ATM Campus and Infrastructure Developments Accessing the Internet

Wired and Wireless Systems and Developments in Latin America

Public-Private Cooperative Teleport Developments

Opportunities for Information Systems Providers in ATIS (Advanced Traveler Information Systems)

WEDNESDAY, 26 February 1997
8:30 to 10:00 am

Plenary Session:
Enterprise Systems and Networks Evolution

11:00 am to 12:30 pm

Concurrent Session III

Regulatory Update on Telecommunications

Advances in LEOS & Medium Altitude Satellites

Multimedia & Interactive Communications in Vertical Markets

Intranet and the Corporate Enterprise

Teleports : The Broadband Hub

Deployments and Strategies for Communications Suppliers to ATMS (Advanced Traffic Management System)

14:00 to 15:30 pm

Concurrent Session IV

Enabling Platforms for Integrated Carrier Services

Wireless Developments for the Local Loop

Developments in Optical and Broadband Telecommunications

Business Marketing Strategies for the Info Highway

Asia-Pacific Multimedia & Communications Development

Teleports : The Convergence of Real Estate and Telecom
Communications Solutions to Emergency Service/Mayday Requirements

16:30 to 18:00 pm

Concurrent Session V

New Developments in Operational Support Systems

New Cellular Markets and Trends

Test/Measurement and Network Management: The Next Generation

Electronic Commerce and Security on the Internet

Infrastructure Expansion and Development in Eastern Europe

Teleports Ñ The Intelligent Cities

Wireless Communications and Applications for ITS

THURSDAY, 27 February 1997
8:30 to 10:00 am

Plenary Session:
Next Generation of Wireless Communications

11:00 am to 12:30 pm

Concurrent Session VI

New Developments in DSL Systems

Advanced PCS Developments

Outsourcing Enterprise Services

Access Developments for the Intranet

Teleport Opportunities in the Pacific Rim

Latest Advances in Navigation and Global Guidance Systems in ITS

14:00 to 15:30 pm

Concurrent Session VII

New WAN Access Technologies

New Satellite Systems and Services

Convergence at the Desk: Computer Telephony Integration (CTI)

Multimedia Developments on the Internet

China : The Mass Market of the 21st Century

Teleport Technology as a Competitive Tool

Gaining Communications "Right of Way"

15:30 to 16:30 pm