Precision Devices, Inc., a member of the Avrio Technology Group, has appointed Dimac as a pan-European distributor of its Hi-Rel frequency control products. PDI is a leading manufacturer of crystals, crystal oscillators, crystal filters, and LC filters. It is one of only five manufacturers that are on the Defense Electronics Supply Center’s Quality Parts List, and is the first to receive approval for space usage (MIL-PRF-38534), and is ITAR compliant.

PDI chooses its frequency control product distribution partners carefully, and Dimac fits the bill with excellent customer service and long-term client relationships across Europe. Craig Taylor, CEO of Avrio Technology Group, LLC, stated, "Choosing a company to represent us in Europe is serious strategic decision. Dimac's reputation in the industry is impeccable and we are excited to add them to our family."

Dimac Red is a professional sales organization dedicated to serving the European market with high quality electronic products. Established more than 30 years ago, Dimac has consolidated its mission to provide to customers products and services that require high technical support. Focused on special and niche products, the company is addressing in particular the space and military markets, resulting in a very synergic partnership with PDI.