Agilent Technologies Inc. announced significant enhancements to its midrange N9020A MXA X-Series signal analyzer. New options for 160-MHz analysis bandwidth and real-time spectrum analyzer (RTSA) capability address the challenges of measuring interference in the next generation of heterogeneous wireless networks.

The options can be included in new MXAs or added to existing units. The RTSA option is one-seventh the cost of a single-purpose real-time analyzer.

With increased deployment of small cells and wireless LANs, there is a greater likelihood of unwanted signal interaction in the RF spectrum. For developers, real-time spectrum analysis is a powerful tool for capturing and analyzing highly elusive signals. Agilent’s MXA with the RTSA option delivers 160-MHz real-time bandwidth and the industry’s fastest overlap processing. The combination enables accurate triggering on short-duration transients. In addition, the signal analyzer’s frequency-mask trigger and various real-time displays help users pinpoint intermittent interference problems.

“These updates to the MXA make it an indispensable tool for wireless engineers trying to understand and resolve what’s happening inside signal-rich systems or environments,” said Andy Botka, vice president and general manager of Agilent’s Microwave Communications Division. “As manufacturers seek to maximize channel capacity, the functionality and performance of the MXA will help them ensure that their devices are transmitting accurately and without unwanted interference.”

On measurements up to 26.5 GHz, the MXA now offers analysis bandwidths of 85, 125 and 160 MHz, all of which are available as upgrades to existing units. The 160-MHz option meets the requirements of 802.11ac wireless LAN and LTE-Advanced specifications, both of which use wider transmission bandwidths to satisfy ever-increasing demand for data. The MXA’s ability to capture signals within a 160-MHz bandwidth with 72 dBc of spurious-free dynamic range enables users to rapidly characterize small signals near large ones.

For deeper analysis, the real-time MXA also works with Agilent 89600 VSA software. This combination enables users to thoroughly demodulate and characterize highly complex signals.

U.S. Pricing and Availability

The starting price of a new N9020A MXA signal analyzer with the RTSA option for 160-MHz real-time bandwidth is $70,900.

The RTSA and analysis-bandwidth options are available as upgrades to existing analyzers. The compatibility of bandwidth upgrades depends on the existing configuration of the analyzer. The options are priced as follows:

  • N9020A-B85, 85-MHz analysis bandwidth: $20,019
  • N9020A-B1A, 125-MHz analysis bandwidth: $25,024
  • N9020A-B1X, 160-MHz analysis bandwidth: $30,029
  • N9020A-RT1 or N9020AK-RT1 (upgrade), real-time spectrum analyzer with up to 85-MHz analysis bandwidth: $7,231
  • N9020A-RT2 or N9020AK-RT2 (upgrade), real-time spectrum analyzer with up to 160-MHz analysis bandwidth: $10,330

All options are available now worldwide.

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