Pole/Zero Corp. and Zeger-Abrams Inc. have recently completed an exclusive Technology Transfer and Technology Licensing Agreement covering the entirety of Zeger-Abrams technology and products including:

  • Cosite interference cancelers
  • Anti-jam adaptive arrays
  • Power amplifier linearizers
  • Cosite notch filters

Since its founding in 1977, Zeger-Abrams Inc. (ZA) has developed and applied advanced signal processing techniques to the challenges of simultaneous suppression  of  cosite and cochannel interfering signals and the enhancement of desired signals.This capability couples well with Pole/Zero’s decades of designing, producing and fielding cosite interference mitigation solutions for shipboard, vehicular and airborne anti-jam communications.

Mr. Larry Ochs, vice president and general manager of Pole/Zero, remarks that “Although historically, Pole/Zero’s cosite interference products have incorporated rapidly tunable, selective filtering, we have recently introduced interference cancelation products where interference is canceled rather than rejected. As such, our overall portfolio is significantly enhanced by our recent agreement with Zeger-Abrams. The net result to our customers is that Pole/Zero can offer the optimal solution to interference mitigation either from selective filtering, interference cancellation or a combination of both techniques.”

For information on this expanded capability, please call Tim Harrington at 513-870-4076.