SRC Inc. is pleased to announce the availability of the new SR Hawk™ (V)2 Enhanced ground surveillance radar (GSR). Built upon the success of previous versions of this system, the SR Hawk (V)2 Enhanced version is a high-performance, highly reliable, commercially available ground surveillance radar with a low total ownership cost. It is ideal for missions such as border surveillance, force protection, port and harbor security and critical infrastructure protection. The system is designed and manufactured in United States.

“The SR Hawk (V)2 Enhanced radar delivers an accelerated track acquisition timeline, increased scan speed, and a more robust track capability for better performance in high clutter environments,” said Paul G. Tremont, president of SRC.

The radar can follow up to 350 simultaneous targets, and features an automated priority target track mode for improved usability. It monitors areas ranging from as small as 10 degrees azimuth to continuous 360 degrees while detecting slow moving personnel with an extremely low false alarm rate. The SR Hawk radar also tracks low-flying aircraft including helicopters and ultra-lights. A “Port and Harbor Mode” optimizes it for maritime applications such as tracking personal watercraft, rubber rafts and small boats.  Additionally, it can support simultaneous land and over-water applications. 

The SR Hawk radar offers a wider operational temperature than most radars in its class, providing flexibility and durability for operation in any environment. It can operate at temperatures ranging from -40 to +60 degrees Celsius and is qualified to U.S. DoD MIL-STD-810G for rain, ice, sand, dust, shock, vibration, wind and humidity.

The combination of its small footprint, lightweight design and low-power draw makes the SR Hawk radar very attractive to prime integrators. It has been fielded and integrated with multiple optical sensors, command and control systems, and other radar sensors/cameras (slew to cue) as part of several wide area and persistent surveillance systems.