Johnson’s leading range of SMA plugs is now available in Europe through Vitelec Electronics. The devices quickly and easily mate to standard, threaded SMA Jack receptacles allowing rapid test connections without compromising electrical performance.

Retaining all the benefits of a threaded coaxial coupling, Johnson SMA Quick-Connect Plugs deliver high performance coupled with superior ease-of-use. The final connection is a solid metal-to-metal coupling which does not rely on spring forces to maintain the contact. This results in a more reliable connection with less signal leakage and a lower VSWR than most push-on connectors.

Full MIL-C-39012 electrical compatibility is ensured with a push and twist motion, while just a half to a full turn of the knurled thumbnut creates a solid electromechanical connection. A simple twist-pull motion achieves rapid disconnection.

An SMA Quick-Connect Plug Adapter allows standard SMA Plug test cables to be converted into Quick-Connect cables, making the test process more efficient by reducing the time and effort required to connect and disconnect the test cable. Devices deliver a VSWR of 1.15 + 0.01 to 0.02 f(GHz) at a frequency range of 0 to 12.4 GHz (plug) and 0 to 18 GHz (adapter).