7Layers, an international specialist in wireless electronic products testing, certification, engineering and test solutions, and RealVNC, the global provider of VNC® remote access software, are working together to demonstrate MirrorLink™ certification testing at CTIA 2013, 21st to 23rd of May in Las Vegas, NV. Both companies would like to invite attendees to stop by the 7Layers booth 3059 to learn about how MirrorLink devices are tested and certified before they go commercial. See the exciting infotainment technology standard of the Car Connectivity Consortium live demo on the show floor of CTIA 2013.

The demonstration will use a smartphone enabled by the MirrorLink Certified™ VNC Automotive software component that will be connected to the Conformance Test System tool for MirrorLink. The demonstration will be available to be seen at the 7Layers’ booth 3059 throughout the conference.

Attendees will be able to learn about the MirrorLink specification, how the testing is performed, and the certification process. MirrorLink is a set of standards that enable seamless connectivity between smartphones and vehicle infotainment systems developed by the Car Connectivity Consortium (CCC). The standard allows a consumer to access their phone using the same controls they use for accessing the car radio, climate control, and navigation system. MirrorLink Certification is based on MirrorLink™ Specification Conformance, client/server interoperability and a review of a series of administrative requirements. As of January 2012, MirrorLink certification testing in an authorized test laboratory has been applicable for MirrorLink Certified products.

“MirrorLink can bring safety and enhanced connectivity to smartphone usage in vehicles,” remarked Mahesh Kodukula of 7Layers. “We are grateful to have RealVNC’s assistance in putting together this demonstration of how we can support manufacturers with MirrorLink Certification testing.”

Tom Blackie, VP Mobile at RealVNC said: “It was a real pleasure to work with the team at 7Layers through the testing and certification process to get our products MirrorLink certified. We are pleased to recommend 7Layers to our customers, many of whom have already certified commercial MirrorLink products with 7Layers”.

VNC Automotive allows access and control of a mobile device from a vehicle head unit or infotainment system. This gives drivers access to all their smartphone content, such as navigation applications, music libraries and internet radio stations, whilst on the move. The mobile device can be directly controlled from the infotainment system touch screen, vehicle bezel keys, steering wheel switches and by voice command, ensuring all content can be accessed safely.

7Layers is an Authorized Test Lab (ATL) for the Car Connectivity Consortium and now has five CCC authorized laboratories that offer MirrorLink™ certification testing, located in the USA, Germany, Korea, China and Japan. 7Layers supported RealVNC throughout the MirrorLink certification process of VNC Automotive. 7Layers is an active participant in the CCC and regularly attends workgroup meetings.