At the CTIA 2013™ Mobile Marketplace in Las Vegas, Nevada, May 21-23, in Booth 4234, W. L. Gore & Associates will be debuting its latest venting and cabinet cooling products that enable the telecommunications industry to remain connected and protected. Gore will be displaying new venting products and cooling filters that ensure reliability and long-lasting performance across the telecommunication spectrum ranging from mobile phones and small portable devices to small cells, outdoor wireless routers, tower-mounted antennas, base station cabinets and other telecommunication infrastructure.

Continuing its commitment to enhancing infrastructure performance, Gore will be showcasing several new GORE® Protective Vents – the solution for equalizing internal pressure and protecting sensitive electronics inside housings of any size. The VE9 Series adhesive vent provides the highest level of airflow –  approximately five times that of Gore’s existing VE7 Series adhesive vents and features a membrane that is f2 rated by Underwriters Laboratory. The membrane-only construction of the VE9 Series is very flexible, which enables it to be installed on either the internal or external wall of the enclosure. As a complement to the VE7 and VE9 Series adhesive vents, Gore will be introducing two venting series – the VE7R and VE9R – with a more durable adhesive that adheres to rough and uneven surfaces even after exposure to challenging environmental conditions. And the Protective Venting team will be displaying the new GORE® PolyVent XL, which is specifically engineered to improve the integrity and reliability of large outdoor enclosures with a volume exceeding 200 liters by equalizing pressure and blocking contaminants in frequently changing conditions.

Gore’s rapidly expanding portable electronics business continues to increase its product line with the introduction of the GORE® Portable Electronic Vent PE3 Series. In response to the increased use of fully sealed battery casings in portable handsets, Gore has developed the PE3 Series to provide a neutral complement for dark housings. Now available in black, this new vent provides a very high level of airflow and IP67 protection against dust, dirt and various liquids.

Also featured at CTIA 2013™ will be GORE® Cooling Filters, which reduce system costs by taking advantage of the natural thermal efficiency of ambient air cooling technology.  Designed specifically for outdoor cabinet cooling systems, these filters protect against water, corrosive salts and airborne contaminants. With a more compact design than bulky heat exchangers and air-conditioning units, GORE® Cooling Filters reduce cabinet size. These durable filters, available in standard sizes, are constructed with lightweight and strong ABS polymer frames that provide outstanding value for both new designs and field retrofit projects.

“With the telecommunications industry continuing to evolve so rapidly, reliability and durability are increasingly critical,” says Jason Zambotti, Gore’s telecommunications project manager. “For more than 15 years, we have collaborated with operators and manufacturers in all levels of the industry – environmental exposure, thermal management, signal integrity, and acoustic performance – to deliver proven solutions that ensure long-lasting performance in the most challenging environments. We are excited to showcase at CTIA the latest additions to our product family, all of which are uniquely engineered to help manufacturers and operators improve system reliability and ultimately increase customer satisfaction.”

For more information about Gore’s full line of solutions for the telecommunication industry, visit booth #4234 at CTIA Wireless, call 800.523.GORE (4673), or visit