At CTIA 2012, W. L. Gore & Associates will showcase the next generation of its screw-in GORE® Protective Vents. The rugged, single-body construction of this vent increases protection against mechanical stress in harsh environments often encountered by telecommunication equipment. For additional reliability, all of these vents are now online quality-tested and laser-marked with unique identification numbers to enable individual product tracking.

Although sealed devices are used to protect the electronics from rain, snow and salt, rapid weather changes can still compromise the housing’s reliability by creating internal pressure fluctuations. These pressure changes cause stress on the housing seals, which leads to water and contaminant damage. The constant airflow of GORE Protective Vents equalizes the housing’s internal pressure, thereby eliminating vacuum and preventing premature failure of the seals. At the same time, the vent prevents water, dust, dirt and other contaminants from entering the housing and damaging the sensitive electronics.

The rugged, single-body design of the screw-in vents is engineered with an even more robust plastic that prevents damage from mechanical impact and other environmental factors. This chemically inert, UV-resistant membrane withstands operating temperatures ranging from -40°C to 125°C, enabling the vent to be used in harsh environments. To ensure quality control, Gore has added on-line camera and airflow testing for 100 percent of this new generation of screw-in vents. In addition, each vent has a unique identification number that includes date and unit position of manufacture, enabling individual part tracking for quality control. Screw-in GORE Protective Vents are available in various sizes and thread types.

Durable GORE Protective Vents increase product reliability and improves profitability by reducing the need to over-engineer your product’s housing during the design process. With proven performance in telecommunication applications for more than a decade, this venting solution also helps decrease operating costs by reducing service or replacement of failed equipment in the field.

According to Jason Zambotti, Gore’s global product manager for telecommunication applications, Gore has application engineers around the world who can respond quickly and collaborate with customers to identify the best solution for each venting application. “With the emergence of small-cell equipment, today’s manufacturers are looking for ways to extend the life of their products and to differentiate them from the competition,” says Zambotti. “One of the biggest benefits of using GORE Protective Vents is the added protection they provide against environmental challenges. This protection, even in the world’s most challenging environments, equates to longer product life and fewer product failures.”

For more information about Gore’s full line of venting products, stop by Gore’s booth #4470 at CTIA, or visit