LPKF has announced its newest instructional webinar, 3D Circuitry on Thermoplastics: Creating Molded Interconnect Devices with Laser Direct Structuring. This original presentation will be broadcast live on Thursday, April 18 at 11:00 am PDT (2:00 EDT). To register for the free event, visit: https://www3.gotomeeting.com/register/624404198.

3D molded interconnect devices (MIDs) are thermoplastic parts that combine circuitry, connectors, and housing into a single part. In the webinar, viewers will learn how MIDs utilize the best of both mechanical and electrical design and the benefits they carry.

Laser direct structuring (LDS) is a patented 3-step process for manufacturing MIDs. LDS has made waves with its ability to etch complex circuitry onto the surface of MIDs and also offers flexibility not found in other MID fabrication methods.

LPKF market development representative Shane Stafford will present the webinar alongside Stephan Schmidt, president of LPKF North America, and Don Porter, LPKF global accounts manager. The presentation will run approximately a half hour in length and will be followed by a live Q&A session. For more information, please visit: http://www.lpkfusa.com/mid/webinars/3D-Circuitry-on-Thermoplastics.html.