SenarioTek, a designer and manufacturer of RF and microwave products, announced the extension of the FlexMatrix reconfigurable RF switch matrix series to incorporate external signal conditioning. Now test engineers can easily route their required signal conditioning into RF switching paths for applications such as radar, military communications and consumer wireless.

The FlexMatrix expansion ports provide test engineers with the capability to expand their 5x5 or 10x10 solutions to a greater number of ports. These expansion ports now provide the flexibility to allow an inline component to be added between the FlexMatrix input and output, without the need for external switching (see diagram). For example, an external amplifier may be added with the amplified signal being routed to any or all of the FlexMatrix outputs.

“Our FlexMatrix series leverages our many years of designing custom RF/microwave products and offers our customers the expandability they require”, said Simi Ghiasvand, SenarioTek’s CEO and President. “Now test engineers can easily add the signal conditioning they need without compromising their RF switching performance.”