Comtech Telecommunications Corp. announced that its Santa Clara, California-based subsidiary, Comtech Xicom Technology Inc., received an order for $1.1 million for the company's 500 Watt, continuous wave ("CW"), high-power amplifiers for high throughput satellite ("HTS") services operating in the Ka-Band frequency.

Comtech Xicom's power amplifiers are designed for high reliability and superior technical performance. These 500 Watt amplifiers feature the highest combination of CW output power and bandwidth in Ka-Band available in the industry today. The fully self-contained traveling wave tube-based amplifier ("TWTA") mounts directly to the outdoor antenna to maximize the available power and minimize signal degradation within the uplink system. These high-power amplifiers are also used for controlling and maintaining the spacecraft's geostationary orbit for major HTS systems.

Fred Kornberg, president and chief executive officer of Comtech Telecommunications Corp., stated, "Satellite networks are ideal for providing high-capacity internet connectivity to remote portions for the globe. We continue to see strong demand for Comtech Xicom's leading-edge SATCOM products as the Ka-Band HTS market expands globally. We are pleased that customers appreciate the performance and value of Comtech Xicom's amplifiers to fulfill their ongoing HTS system needs."