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The ALFOplus Series is a full outdoor, full IP, fully featured next generation microwave radio. It is a zero footprint solution, fully integrable with 3G, 4G and LTE nodes, making the series ideal for fast and flexible evolution toward full IP networks with high radio capacity and performance. With its advanced Ethernet features and complete synchronization management (SyncE and 1588v2), ALFOplus is a state-of-the-art IP radio, providing the foundation for leading edge networks.

The latest in the ALFOplus Series is the ALFOplus80, which is a carrier grade, FDD radio for E-Band applications. This next generation solution is an alternative to expensive fiber deployment, while retaining the same capacities and performance.

ALFOplus80 is state-of-the-art, not only from a technological point of view but also from an engineering perspective, being totally produced using pick and place and SiP technologies, even at such high frequencies when E-Band solutions are generally based on discrete/mounted components.

The radio provides up to 2.5 Gbps radio net throughput with down to 5 µs latency, representing an ideal solution for LTE (even in CPRI architecture) and for high capacity networks deployment, either as an alternative or in conjunction with fiber. With 64 QAM and ACM + Adaptive Symbol Rate (ASR) from 4 QAM up to 64 QAM, ALFOplus80 achieves high reliability for in-field applications.

Ultra High Capacity

With 2.5 Gbps net throughput and its zero-footprint characteristic, ALFOplus80 is suitable for ultra high capacity wireless links in urban environments for all carrier-class applications (mobile backhaul, enterprise, ISP). Latest synchronization techniques and advanced Ethernet/IP functionalities make it a state-of-the-art IP radio.

Figure 1

Figure 1 Split mount architecture is also available by connecting ALFOplus80 with the AGS-H indoor unit, shown here.

ALFOplus80 supports the latest SIAE MICROELETTRONICA modem techniques, including the Hitless ACM engine from 4 to 64 QAM and the company’s advanced Multi-layer Header Compression algorithm. Split mount architecture is also available connecting ALFOplus80 with the AGS-H indoor unit (AGS-Hybrid), which is shown in Figure 1.

This architecture provides additional High Capacity Native TDM traffic transport up to 2xSTM-1 + 16xE1, which are transported through this single NE System. Moreover, additional interfaces (4xGE) and all reliability schemes (1+1 HSB, G.8032 Ring Protection) specific to traditional split mount systems are also available.

Interconnection between ALFOplus80 and AGS-H can be chosen to be either electrical or optical; in the case of electrical connectivity ALFOplus80 can be powered by AGS-H or by a switch/router with Power over Ethernet (PoE) directly through LAN data cable.

Other key features include 71 to 76 GHz/81 to 86 GHz frequency ranges and 250 MHz, 500 MHz, 750 MHz and 1.000 MHz channel bandwidths, a Packet Header Compressor, supporting multi-protocol and Enhanced Tunneling protocol stacks, together with Linux or Unix based NMS, HTML based local access (no Flash needed).

‘Fiber Like’

In addition, ALFOplus80 can be configured as fixed throughput equipment, in order to provide ‘fiber-like behavior’ with down to 5 µs latency. The ALFOplus80 is therefore ideal for high capacity and reactive network deployment. Being ‘fiber like’ in terms of performance and capacity, and demonstrating installation agility and deployment cost saving, it is suitable for next generation 4G/LTE architecture.

It is also a good choice for dedicated ‘high value’ and strategic connections such as: An alternative to or to complement multiGigabit high capacity fiber deployment; fiber backup and disaster recovery; CPRI transport for the distributed deployment of small cells; mobile and 4G/LTE network backhaul; micro and macro cellular network infrastructure; high capacity multiGigabit leased lines; carrier grade connection to service providers (ISP); municipal and private network backbones; Gigabit LAN/WAN backbone connection; and high capacity TDM transport (PDH+SDH) in E-Band (with AGS-H).

LTE architecture requires the radio link to have total flexibility of installation in different and changing network topologies and complete traffic management for providing a complete multi-services solution. With the forerunning ALS and ALFOplus Series, complemented by the
ALFOplus80 Series, SIAE MICROELETTRONICA offers a complete set of solutions to address these requirements with carrier grade performance.

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