Skyworks Solutions Inc., an innovator of high performance analog semiconductors enabling a broad range of end markets, announced that it is powering several smartphone platforms that are leveraging Microsoft’s new Windows 8 operating system. With the addition of this latest OS, Skyworks’ products are now enabling all major smartphone and tablet operating systems. Recent Windows 8 smartphone launches that Skyworks is supporting include HTC’s 8S and 8X, which are utilizing Skyworks’ SkyHi™ and LTE front-end solutions and industry leading switch technology and several other mobile devices from a leading handset OEM.

HTC’s Windows Phone 8S utilizes a high performance battery and a powerful one gigahertz dual-core processor. Exclusive built-in Beats Audio™ provides impressive studio-quality sound, while the camera allows consumers to instantly take and share images from the five megapixel autoflash camera. HTC’s Windows Phone 8X features an 88 degree, ultra-wide-angle front and back camera lens that takes sharp photos even in low light conditions. It has a dedicated built in amplifier, resulting in high-definition sound that has less distortion than other phones.

“Skyworks is delighted to be supporting multiple smartphone manufacturers as they launch innovative devices to meet the growing worldwide demand for an array of music, photo-sharing and streaming video capability,” said Bradley C. Byk, senior vice president, worldwide sales at Skyworks. “Skyworks’ extensive product offering and agnostic technology approach give us the unique ability to meet our customers’ diverse needs with solutions that help enhance consumers’ overall experience – including driving ultra fast download speeds and enabling extremely clear calls even in poor reception areas.”

Skyworks’ SkyHi™ modules deliver best-in-class power-added efficiency performance for many of today’s data intensive mobile platforms, helping to extend battery life.  The SkyHi™ solutions are also optimized for all CDMA, WCDMA and LTE mobile devices such as handsets, tablets and data cards given their unique over-voltage protection and integrated daisy-chain coupler, which reduce bill-of-material costs and printed-circuit board space. Skyworks’ broad portfolio of switches are available in many different configurations including broadband, high power, high isolation, low insertion loss, reflective, non-reflective and silicon on insulator (SOI).

About Skyworks’ Product Portfolio Supporting Multiple Operating Systems

  • SKY77604-11 is a multimode, multiband PAM for next-generation GSM, GPRS and EDGE as well as HSPA handsets.
  • SKY77733 (Bands XIII/XIV) and SKY77737 (Bands XII/XVII) are fully matched surface mount module (SMM) PAMs developed for long-term evolution (LTE) applications.
  • SKY77761, SKY77762, SKY77764, SKY77765 and SKY77768 are PAMs supporting Bands I, II, IV, V and VIII, developed for CDMA, WCDMA and LTE applications.
  • SKY13373-460LF is a complementary metal oxide semiconductor silicon-on-insulator, single-pole, triple-throw switch.
  • SKY13397-388LF is a double-pole, five-throw switch designated for broadband, high-power switching applications that demand low harmonics and low insertion loss.
  • SKY13399-468LF is a double-pole, six throw switch with on-die crossovers.
  • SKY13416-485LF is a single-pole, six throw antenna switch.
  • SKY18106-455LF is a single pole, eight throw front-end module switch.
  • AAT1146 is a fast transient 400 mA step-down DC/DC converter.
  • AAT1274 is a high efficiency, 1.5A high-current boost converter for LED photo flash applications.
  • AAT1290 is a 1.5 A step-up current regulation regulator for flash LEDs.
  • AAT2146 is a low noise, fast transient 600 mA step-down converter.