MK120416PriathermLiquidColdPlatesLight, compact, leak-proof heat sinks offer uniform cooling distribution under mounted power modules.

Richardson RFPD Inc. announces availability and full design services support for four new liquid cold plate heat sinks from PriaTherm. The four devices are light and compact, offer uniform cooling distribution under mounted power modules, and feature an aluminum alloy Al EN AW 6060 finish. Their brazed design protects against leaks.

These high performance parts are ideally-suited for electrically non-isolated applications, as well as a range of high power semiconductor applications.

The new heat sinks are available as follows:

Part Number    Plate Length (mm)   Plate Length (in.)   Weight (kg)   Rth ºC/kW @ 5 l/min

PTZED1421     210                              8.27                          1.3                  10

PTZED1426     260                              10.24                        1.6                  8

PTZED1518     180                              7.09                          1.1                  <10

PTZED1521     210                              8.27                          1.35                <10

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