What: Amplifier Technology Ltd., (ATL) a provider of leading-edge RF power amplifiers (PAs) for defense, commercial, industrial, scientific, and medical applications, used a unique combination of AWR’s Microwave Office RF/microwave design suite and AMPSA’s MultiMatch Amplifier Design Wizard to design a complex multi-octave bandwidth, high power, high efficiency PA. ATL is challenged with developing complex devices in an extremely competitive market, so its products must be designed fast and must be “right the first time” in order to maximize commercial success.

The AWR software solution removed much of the risk and guesswork from creating the new design and the simulation speed shortened design time, enabling the ATL design team to substantially reduce or eliminate product design cycles and significantly improve the probability the device would perform as specified on the first attempt.

“The most important part of this amplifier design relied upon extensive use of two RF/microwave software programs, which were used in tandem to streamline our process,” said Ivan Boshnakov, R&D manager at ATL. “The solution shortened the design of our high power amplifier by a factor of at least 2-3 compared with any other approach.”

Where:  An application note detailing ATL’s design process is available on the AWR website at http://www.awrcorp.com/sites/default/files/ATL-App-Note.pdf as well as the success story can be found at http://www.awrcorp.com/customer-stories/amplifier-technology-2012.

When: Immediately