AWR Corp., the innovation leader in high-frequency EDA software, announces that its customer, Marki Microwave, a leader in custom high-performance wireless components, has leveraged its high-frequency design software platform to develop a new design and manufacturing flow for successful mixer design. The revolutionary new mixer design flow combines AWR’s Microwave Office® circuit design software and Marki’s patent-pending Microlithic™ mixer manufacturing process, resulting in a 14x reduction in the size of Marki’s mixers and a 5x reduction in design time with the same industry-leading quality and performance as the former handcrafted devices. As a result of the intimate coupling between modeling and fabrication, these new mixers are also provided by Marki in the form of accurate, realistic, and fully multi-dimensional electrical models that can be readily integrated within the AWR Microwave Office ecosystem.

“Designing in software has saved us incalculable amounts of time and money and significantly increased the outlook for a more profitable future and industry longevity for the company,” said Christopher F. Marki, director of operations at Marki Microwave.

Details of Marki revolutionary new design flow and manufacturing process that speak to both the business executive and design engineer are available in the form of an AWR Business Impact Profile and an AWR Customer Success Story on the AWR website.

“It has been exciting to work with Marki to spread the word of the company’s success not only in terms of ROI for the business executive but also as to the end design benefit that speaks to our software user base,” said Sherry Hess, vice president of marketing at AWR. “We often hear how great our software is at helping customers get their designs out the door faster, but having Marki work hand in hand with us to clearly articulate metrics in this case was beyond great!  I wish the company tremendous success with its new line of Microlithic mixers.”

Pricing and Availability

Mixer devices are available today from Marki Microwave.   Models ML1-0113 and ML1-0220 cover frequencies up to 20 GHz are available for purchase, with several models covering up to 50 GHz currently in pre-production.  Contact Marki Microwave for more information.

The electrical models of themixers for use within AWR’s Microwave Office software are made available upon request from Marki at These models harness the industry leading accuracy of the Microwave Office APLAC® harmonic balance simulator to offer unprecedented simulation capability for RF system designers.