A highlight at the Rohde & Schwarz booth (hall A1, stand 315) at the electronica trade fair in Munich, Germany is the new R&S ESR EMI test receiver. Thanks to its broadband architecture, it performs standard-compliant disturbance measurements up to 6000 times faster than other solutions. Comprehensive diagnostic tools, such as spectrogram display, realtime spectrum analysis and IF analysis, help developers detect and eliminate disturbance. The R&S ESR is impressively easy to use thanks to its intuitive touchscreen. More details in the R&S ESR press release: http://ow.ly/eqcfO   

In addition, Rohde & Schwarz showcases the R&S FSW43 high-end signal and spectrum analyzer with a frequency range from 2 Hz to 43 GHz. The R&S FSW43 is the most powerful microwave analyzer on the market, featuring impressive RF performance and measurement speed with simple touchscreen operation. The analyzer significantly simplifies complex measurement tasks in satellite communications and radar applications. Its integrated multistandard radio analyzer function helps development engineers analyze multistandard signals. The MSRA mode enables users to measure spectrum and modulation parameters of differently modulated signals, including their time references. This feature makes it easy to analyze whether signals are influencing or interfering with each other.  

Rohde & Schwarz also presents the new R&S RTO-K5 software option for its R&S RTO high-performance oscilloscope. Developers of microcontrollers, audio components or audio consumer electronics can use this option to trigger on and decode I2S, LJ, RJ and TDM audio signals. The graphical user interface, color coding of protocol details in the waveform diagram and summarized protocol data help developers solve their T&M tasks. The tracking function, which displays the audio signal as a waveform, makes short work of clipping, glitches and other anomalies.  

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