Scintera Networks Inc., a leading provider of mixed signal semiconductors for wireless communications, announced that Scintera’s SC1894 RF Power Amplifier Linearization (RFPAL) solution is being utilized in the Vislink Plc. family of 3 GHz broadcast COFDM transmitters, including the Link L1500 Wireless HD/SD Transmitter and Link L3211 Barrel Booster.

Vislink is the first wireless broadcast-quality camera system manufacturer to incorporate RF power amplifier (PA) pre-distortion as a standard feature. Used by broadcasters to televise even the largest sports and news productions, Vislink’s products allow many wireless cameras to operate on adjacent or closely spaced channels. By minimizing the out-of-band distortion, Vislink’s transmitters simplify the management of the many wireless cameras and limited spectral resources at these events.

“Scintera’s pre-distortion solutions have enabled Vislink to solve our end customers’ most difficult event management issues. Broadcasters can now deploy the number of cameras needed to properly cover an event without worrying about camera to camera transmitter interference, creating complex frequency plans or limiting the number of cameras due to wasted frequency spectrum,” said Lance Hiley, Chief Marketing Officer of Vislink. “Based on previous Scintera RF pre-distortion technology, our 2 GHz transmitters were first successfully deployed at the 2011 Open Golf Championship in Sandwich, Kent. Our latest generation of 3 GHz transmitters based on the SC1894 were successfully deployed at the Royal Wedding, the Queen of England’s Diamond Jubilee and the London 2012 Summer Olympics.”

“Vislink’s broadcast transmitters represent an excellent example of how RFPAL can solve technical as well as complex deployment challenges faced by end customers,” said Davin Lee, chief executive officer of Scintera. “The SC1894 is a versatile, high performance and low cost linearization solution that is easily integrated into RF amplifier products and is especially well-suited for use in battery operated equipment where high PA efficiency is a requirement.”

The SC1894 operates with all major broadcast standards including DVB-T, ATSC, ISDB-T and CMMB. Scintera’s RFPAL products are used extensively in high-volume cellular infrastructure and microwave point-to-point field deployments.