CST is excited to announce a new series of technical webinars focusing on the major benefits of full wave simulation to the high frequency/high speed design process. CST will be looking at demanding applications and how advances in numerical techniques and computing technology have enabled fast turnaround and significantly reduced prototyping costs. This series of 12 webcasts will look at design challenges in the areas of microwaves & RF, EMC/EMI and EDA simulation.

Topics include:

  • Cosite Interference Analysis
  • Integrated Antenna Design
  • Through Silicon Vias
  • MRI systems
  • Radar Cross Section
  • Filter Design
  • Magnetron
  • Electromagnetic Compatibility
  • Signal and Power Integrity
  • Cable/Field co-simulation

For more information on this series of webinars, please visit www.cst.com/webinars

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