DL1721Mini-Circuits CMA-545+ is a E-PHEMT based ultra-low noise MMIC amplifier operating from 50 MHz to 6 GHz with a unique combination of low noise and high IP3 making this amplifier ideal for sensitive receiver applications. This design operates on a single 3 V supply and is internally matched to 50 Ohms.

The MMIC amplifier is bonded to a multilayer integrated LTCC substrate, and then hermetically sealed under a controlled nitrogen atmosphere with gold-plated covers and eutectic AuSn solder. These amplifiers have been tested to MIL requirements for gross leak, fine leak, thermal shock, vibration, acceleration, mechanical shock, and HTOL.

  • Ultra Low Noise: 0.8 dB NF at 1GHz Industry Leading Noise Figure, measured in a 50 Ohm environment – without any external matching.
  • High IP3: +35 dBm IP3 at 1GHz Combining Low Noise and High IP3 makes this MMIC amplifier ideal for Low Noise Receiver Front End (RFE) because it gives the user advantages at both ends of the dynamic range, sensitivity & high level operation.
  • Output Power: +20 dBm at 1GHz The CMA-545+ maintains consistent output power capability over the full operating temperature range making it ideal to be used in remote applications such as LNB’s as the L Band driver stage.
  • Broad Band: 0.05 to 6.0GHz Broadband covering primary wireless communications bands: Cellular, PCS, LTE, WiMAX.
  • Internally Matched: No external matching elements required to achieve the advertized noise and output power over the full band.
  • Ceramic Hermetic Package: Low Inductance, repeatable performance, excellent reliability.
  • Max Input Power +20 dBm: Ruggedized design operates up to input powers often seen at Receiver inputs. Can operate up to +20 dBm input without the need of an external limiter.
  • High Reliability: Small signal operating current of 80 mA nominal maintains junction temperatures typically below 130°C at 105°C package terminals.