NMDG has demonstrated support for fully calibrated contactless loop probes, kindly provided by Rosenberger HF-Technik, in its Integrated Component Characterization Environment (ICE) flagship software.

Such a contactless loop probe allows performing accurate in-circuit voltage and current timedomain measurements within a large-signal network analysis context at one or more locations on printed-circuit boards (PCB) which are normally not reachable using standard vectorial network analyser techniques.

Although the impact of the probe on the large-signal operation of the component or system under test is minimized by the contactless nature of the probing technique, this impact can be estimated as part of the calibration process and taken into account when comparing simulations and measurements.

In addition, NMDG demonstrated 6 new features:

  • Primary Mixer S-functions, the “S-parameters” behavioural model for mixers, allows one to accurately model the behaviour of mixers with access to the LO
  • High-Impedance Voltage Probessupport, allowing one to perform accurate in-circuit voltage time-domain measurements under large-signal conditions
  • Contactless Voltage and Current Probessupport, allowing one to perform accurate in-circuit voltage and current time-domain measurements
  • Device small-signal S-parameters and Stability criteriaextraction under large-signal conditionsin parallel with the large-signal measurements
  • Remote control of ICEnow available from within LabVIEW and MATLAB
  • NMDG S-functions modelsnow available inMATLAB andLabVIEW

NMDG will be present at the MTT-S International Microwave Symposium in Montreal . See them at the Rohde&Schwarz booth #2415, where they will be demonstrating the new evolution of nonlinear analysis using network analyser.