Holzworth Instrumentation announces full production release of the HA7000 Series phase noise analyzers which cover a DUT range of 5MHz to 6.7GHz. The HA7000 Series currently consists of fundamental designs that respond to the highest demands from the marketplace: truly low noise floors, fast measurement speeds, reliability, ease of use, and price.

The HA7402A is a cross correlation engine (dual core) with automated calibration of the DUT and the 2 external (user supplied) LO sources. The HA7402A is capable of measuring noise floors of below -190 dBc/Hz at acquisition speeds of less than a few minutes. "The HA7402A primarily targets crystal manufacturers, but we’re finding that other sectors of the industry are picking up on our highly automated engine… which is a stripped down version of our fully integrated HA7062A analyzer," Jason Breitbarth, CTO, said.

The HA7062A is also a cross correlation engine capable of measuring sub -190 dBc/Hz noise floors, but includes internal synthesized LOs to create a fully integrated and automated phase noise analyzer. For users who require the highest sensitivity, the HA7062A also allows for the use of external (user supplied) LOs in ‘LO bypass mode.’

Furthermore, the HA7000 Series software allows for ease of integration into virtually any development platform. The software has been architected in such a way that it can be implemented into proprietary and known ATE test systems, such as LabVIEW™.

"We’ve been performing phase noise test on 100% of all our products ever shipped, since the beginning… we’ve learned a lot about ease of use, rapid throughput and the need for highly reliable phase noise analyzers, without compromising on sensitivity. All of these self imposed requirements were designed into the HA7000 Series… early adopters of our analyzers have confirmed that our design focus was spot on," Joe Koebel, VP marketing, said.

Holzworth Instrumentation will be providing live demonstrations of both the HA7402A and the HA7062A at the IMS exhibition in Montreal Canada, during the week of June 18th. Booth 2926 is located at the technical sessions entrance of the exhibit hall.