Balanced, four-stage device covers 80 to 105 GHz frequency range

Richardson RFPD, Inc. introduces a new 80 to 105 GHz balanced low noise amplifier (LNA) from United Monolithic Semiconductors S.A.S. (UMS). The CHA1008-99F is a broadband; four-stage monolithic LNA designed for millimeter-wave imaging applications and is also well-suited for commercial digital radios and wireless local area networks (LANs). The device is manufactured on a 0.10μm gate length pHEMT process, offering via holes through the substrate, air bridges and electron beam gate lithography.

Key features of the CHA1008-99F include:

  • Broadband performance: 80 to 105 GHz
  • 16 dB linear gain
  • 5 dB noise figure from 80 to 90 GHz
  • DC bias: VD=2.5V at ID=115 mA
  • Chip size: 3.40x1.60x0.07 mm

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