Agilent Technologies Inc. enhanced its FieldFox RF analyzers with options for time-domain analysis and channel-power measurements. These options give engineers the features they need to more easily and quickly test their RF communications infrastructure.

Agilent will demonstrate its new FieldFox options, along with solutions that cover everything from circuit-level modeling through system verification for general RF, microwave, 4G communications, and aerospace/defense applications at IMS 2012/IEEE MTT-S (Booth 1015), June 19-21, in Montréal, Canada. A range of premier partner solutions will also be available on Agilent Avenue and throughout the event area.

With FieldFox’s time-domain analysis (Option 010) engineers can determine the individual frequency response of one of a series of reflections. Using the powerful gating function, they can remove unwanted responses such as connector mismatch or cable discontinuities.

For R&D and manufacturing engineers who design circuits or fixtures, the time-domain capability is especially useful when testing devices such as transmission lines, fixtures and connectors. With it, engineers can measure, visualize and characterize device discontinuities (whether resistive, capacitive or inductive) using a suite of analysis tools, substantially shortening the time it takes to remove or fix the cause of unwanted discontinuities.

The new channel-power meter (Option 311) is geared toward engineers and technicians in the wireless installation and maintenance arena. It provides a simple way to make channelized average power measurements, without requiring an external USB power sensor. The channel-power meter provides better accuracy for banded power measurements, reducing errors caused by out-of-band signals. A large display, simple settings, and a price tag that’s less than buying an external USB sensor make the channel power-meter option easy to use and ideal for today’s cost-sensitive customers.

“Engineers working in today’s fast-paced communication industries require even more measurement and analysis capabilities to maintain their competitive edge,” said Gregg Peters, vice president and general manager of Agilent’s Component Test Division. “Our new FieldFox options are backed by Agilent’s 40-plus-year leadership in RF/microwave network and spectrum analysis. Coupled with the analyzers’ unmatched measurement integrity, field readiness and adaptability, they ensure today’s engineers have the most productive test solutions to address complex issues in the field.”

The Agilent FieldFox RF analyzers — the N9912A and the N9923A — are designed for installation and maintenance engineers working in the wireless, aerospace and defense industries. Designed to withstand even the toughest working conditions, they accelerate workloads with a task-driven user interface that saves time in the field. The N9912A (4/6 GHz) is the world’s most integrated handheld analyzer for wireless installation and maintenance with seven instruments in one. The N9923A (4/6 GHz) is the world’s most accurate handheld RF vector network analyzer, providing the best measurement stability in the industry (0.01 dB/degree Celsius) and offering the world’s first integrated QuickCal calibration capability available in a handheld VNA. Both the N9912A and N9923A are designed for indoor and outdoor use. They are MIL-PRF Class 2 compliant, have no fans and no vents, and weigh less than 2.8 kg.

U.S. Pricing and Availability

Agilent’s new time-domain capability, Option 010, for FieldFox RF analyzers is now available for $3,700. It can be used with either the N9912A or N9923A units. The new channel-power meter capability, Option 311, is available on the N9912A unit and is priced at $850. Both options can be ordered with any new FieldFox unit purchase. Customers who already own either a N9912A or N9923A unit can obtain the options via software upgrades.

More information on the new FieldFox RF analyzer capabilities is available at Images are available at Visit the Agilent YouTube network at to see latest products and applications videos in electronic design and measurement.

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