Auriga Microwave announces the addition of Dr. Joseph R. Guerci to the company's Department of Defense (DoD) Industry Advisory Board.

Dr. Guerci has more than 27 years of successful scientific, engineering, managerial, and technical leadership in R&D, advanced systems development, and national defense/intelligence technology.

Several highlights of Dr. Guerci's career include:

  • Former Director of the Special Projects Office (SES-4) at the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA)
  • Proven track record of advanced multidisciplinary systems engineering and R&D of major new national defense systems and technologies
  • Internationally recognized expert in R&D of advanced sensor systems and signal processing
  • Nationally recognized expert in advanced defense technology frequently called upon by senior leaders in government, industry and academia

"I am very intrigued with Auriga; their technology, business model, and drive," said Guerci. Guerci added, "The key to transformational Warfighter technologies has often been not just putting components and subsystems together differently, but rather breakthroughs in these components. Thus a company like this can make a real difference in getting the best and most innovative technology to our troops. I look forward to helping them grow the Company."

"We're excited to have Joe join our Advisory Board, as he'll broaden our sphere of knowledge and give us insight into areas where our leading-edge technology can be most meaningful," said Bruce Cohen, president and CEO of Auriga. Cohen continued, "Our Advisory Board has helped us tremendously over the past few years and I can comfortably say that creating this Board has been one of the most fulfilling things I've done at Auriga. This group of leaders, who are so dedicated to the warfighter, has guided us to success and we look forward to working with them all for a very long time."

Guerci joins the following members of Auriga's Department of Defense Advisory Board:

  • General (ret) Tom Hobbins, USAF retired as Commander of US Air Force in Europe (USAFE)
  • Brigadier General (ret) John Meincke, USAF retired from the US Air Force as director of command, control, communications and computer systems (J6) at the U.S. Central Command
  • Rear Admiral (ret) George Wagner retired from the Navy as Commander of Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command (SPAWAR)
  • Anthony M. Valletta has spent 40 years in the C3/C4ISR and IT business area. He is presently an independent consultant, assisting companies in the DoD space

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