CRFS, the Cambridge (UK) developer and manufacturer of RF spectrum management and surveillance systems, has set up a U.S. subsidiary company, CRFS Inc., to better serve and support the North American market. It has opened an office in California and recruited Malcolm Levy to head up its U.S. operation. Malcolm Levy brings over 20 years’ experience as a sales and marketing executive in test, measurement and wireless. An engineering background in RF and Communications makes him ideally suited to the role.

CRFS has developed the RFeye® receiver which sets a new level of cost-effective highperformance signal monitoring and direction finding in-building and outdoors. Designed to operate autonomously and remotely, the RFeye sweeps the RF spectrum environment at high speeds, monitors spectrum usage, detects interference, classifies signals and geolocates unlicensed, suspicious or rogue transmitters with high degrees of accuracy. The RFeye is being used in many civilian and non-civilian applications around the world including by spectrum regulators, wireless operators, security agencies and the military.

CEO, Alistair Massarella commented: “The U.S. market is very important for CRFS. We have been working here for several years and have forged some great partnerships with local U.S. companies to provide leading edge spectrum monitoring solutions to a range of government, military and civilian customers. We have built the business to a level where it has become essential for us to have a local presence to enable us to better support our partners and enduser customers. Malcolm brings just the right mix of commercial, technical and management experience to make this work well. We expect our North American business to go from strength to strength and that we will build a significant US-based team over time. The creation of CRFS Inc. is an exciting milestone for the company.”