Tecore Networks® announced the availability of a scalable LTE network ‘starter kit’ that includes the iCore LTE Core Network targeting operators with an initial deployment of up to ten thousand subscribers. This configuration aims at optimizing capital expenditure (CAPEX), putting LTE deployments in reach for smaller operators looking to add to their service offering, or meet build out requirements.

For over twenty years, Tecore has addressed the market needs for scalable wireless infrastructure. With the emergence of LTE as the de facto 4G technology, Tecore recognizes the challenges faced by smaller operators looking to enter the market; challenges also shared by established operators evaluating the CAPEX of a technology refresh. For this reason, Tecore Networks teamed up with Alcatel Lucent, integrating Alcatel-Lucent’s (Euronext Paris and NYSE: ALU) Radio Access Network (RAN) portfolio with Tecore’s award-winning iCore to provide an efficient and cost-effective solution for regional and remote mobile carriers. The venture was announced in February, prior to Mobile World Congress 2012.

Along with the starter kit, Tecore presents a full suite of scalable LTE network configurations that also includes a deployable license saver system allowing license holders to avoid penalties associated with not meeting build out requirements. As the adoption of 4G LTE grows, these networks can expand with additional capacity and coverage.

“As the larger operators continue to drive the 4G LTE deployments around the US, the challenge for small operators and license holders to have a competitive offering is significant,” said Jay Salkini, President and CEO of Tecore Networks. “While most infrastructure solutions are too large for these opportunities, Tecore has a focused product offering that is sized, scoped, and most importantly priced, to put LTE within reach.”