TriQuint Semiconductor Inc. has announced the availability of two new innovative TriAccess™ amplifiers that can replace multiple products in CATV systems. Both products were released simultaneously at the China Content Broadcasting Network (CCBN) broadband exposition in Beijing and in Silicon Valley, USA.

TriQuint’s new devices offer manufacturers across the globe economical RFICs built with market-tested gallium arsenide (GaAs) technology that supports greater functional integration and higher efficiency. All devices have been utilized successfully in multiple worldwide CATV systems.

CATV Infrastructure – Flexible, High Gain Solutions: TriQuint’s new TAT8858 is a 34 dB integrated push pull amplifier ideally suited for a variety of 75 ohm amplifier and transimpedance receiver applications.  It offers superior flexibility since it is able to operate efficiently at gain levels from 26 to 34 dB. The amplifier can also be used in 12 V as well as 24 V applications, which can lower operational costs by significantly reducing current consumption. The device’s high gain also off-loads output amplifier demands, while providing very low noise performance. The device uses TriQuint’s patented on-die integrated linearization. Its performance enables the TAT8858 to replace multiple discrete components in CATV infrastructure RF designs.

DOCSIS® 3.0 – New Amplifier Delivers > 4 dB Margin, Simplifies RF Design: TriQuint’s new TAT2814A satisfies the DOCSIS® 3.0 specification with more than 4 dB (typical) performance margin. By integrating two stages of amplification and a variable gain attenuator, the TAT2814A can greatly simplify CATV RF design by reducing the number of discrete RF components compared to products previously needed to achieve this level of performance. Legacy solutions require up to 5 times the PCB space to deliver DOCSIS 3.0 performance while consuming up to twice the electrical power. TriQuint’s new product solution is ideal for DOCSIS 3.0 output stage amplifier designs including Edge QAM and CMTS (cable modem termination system) applications. The TAT2814A is also ideally suited for Ethernet over Coax (EOC) approaches that are designed to support DOCSIS 3.0 power amplifier levels.  

TriQuint simplifies RF connectivity by providing product solutions including the TAT8858 that enable a whole family of push-pull amplifiers and receivers based on a single RF circuit. Its flexibility to work in 12 and 24 V designs supports triple-play (voice-video-data) broadband designs such as network upgrades and greenfield deployments. TriQuint’s new TAT2814A offers wide performance margin to significantly overcome losses before the RF chain output connector.