One can track the state of next generation microwave technology by following the developments of test & measurement equipment, RF/Microwave Semiconductors and the exhibitor announcements at the International Microwave Symposium. Coincidentally (or not), these are exactly the topics we are covering in the March through June issues. Since March is already in the can, here’s a look at our editorial in the remaining months of spring.

 April – Amplifiers and Oscillators

Our cover story this month strikes close to home – literally – as Eric Higham of Strategy Analytics writes about the RF semiconductor technology for the home entertainment market. Higham provides a comprehensive overview of the network architecture and various underlying semiconductor technology powering our big screen, high-definition and on-demand television and internet. With a focus on both the technology and business drivers behind the market, this is a great read for engineers and business developers alike. Our perspective feature this month from Javelin Semiconductor looks at the state of CMOS versus GaAs in the 3G power amplifier market from the team that just announced a major win with Samsung. With wireless network operators under pressure to provide the capacity for high data rate coverage and green operations (aka low opex), power amplifier vendors are under pressure to deliver on efficiency and linearity. A special report on the 75 year history of the Doherty power amplifier examines how this circuit architecture offers both.

Additional technical and product features include a discussion on pulsed IV compact transistor models from Maury Microwave, a low noise VCXO from Synergy Microwave, a gain control solution from Hittite, in-line power monitoring sensors for remote radio heads from Anritsu and a GPS low noise reference clock from new advertiser, Jackson Labs. A note from the editor will provide a preview of the upcoming CTIA Wireless show in New Orleans this May. In its third year, Microwave Journal will be hosting the RF/Microwave Zone at CTIA Wireless. Along with two expert forums on MIMO/LTE RAN and next generation MIMO OTA wireless test platforms organized by the Journal, April will be the month we kick our CTIA Wireless in New Orleans coverage up a notch, Bam.

May – IEEE MTT-S IMS 2012 Show Issue

For the first time in its history, IMS will be held outside of the United States - no, the 2007 event in Hawaii doesn’t count. With regard to likely attendance, holding the event “out of country” comes with a bit of uncertainty for some exhibitors. Favoring the odds of a well-attended show, the IMS 2012 steering committee is touting a record number of advanced booth sales and record number of paper submissions. In addition, the host city of Montreal is a beautiful city in June with lots of fine restaurants, pubs and cafes and is just a short flight or drive from many East Coast cities. Montreal was also chosen by the MTT-S in an effort to attract a larger international audience. Whether Montreal is a boom or bust or something in between; the industry looks to IMS and the May issue to see who is introducing the latest and the greatest. As our pre-show editorial covers the event and some of the products/technologies that will debut in Montreal, May advertisers should take this opportunity to preview the products they will be featuring in their booths. For those travelling to Montreal, the May issue and the pre-show MWJ Flash newsletters are the industry's most complete guide for what to see at IMS and an opportunity for you to enhance your booth traffic. For those not attending, our May coverage will still keep them informed of industry news.

June – RFICs, MMICs and RF/mW Semiconductors

From oscillators, amplifiers, mixers and switches, RF/mW semiconductors are used to construct all the essential building blocks of every wireless communication system. Diverse technologies from LDMOS, GaN, GaAs, SiGe and CMOS compete for space in their respective markets, i.e. infrastructure, mobile handset, aerospace and defense. This year, we will feature a look at GaN technology and market opportunities from Strategy Analytics and some leading GaN foundries and device manufacturers. Complementing this cover feature, will be a healthy collection of industry authored GaN technical and product features. With IMS taking place two weeks later this year, we will certainly bring copies of the June issue to preview and give away in our booth. So advertisers in May and June have the chance to double their presence. Paraphrasing the Doublemint twins (remember them?) - double your presence, double your fun.

Good luck to all CTIA Wireless 2012 and IMS 2012 exhibitors with their show planning and preparations.

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