Link Microtek has invested in a state-of-the-art environmental test chamber at its premises in the centre of Basingstoke, UK. As well as enabling the company to offer diagnostic testing and burn-in capability for standard products such as microwave power amplifier modules, the new Design Environmental Alpha 335H test chamber also supports the company’s design-and-build service for RF and microwave subsystems.

Products and assemblies can be powered up in the test chamber and subjected to prolonged temperature extremes and a relative humidity of up to 95 percent, with software-controlled cycling to meet customers’ specific requirements.

Commenting on the new equipment, Link Microtek’s Managing Director Steve Cranstone said, “The environmental chamber is already proving to be a valuable addition to our in-house test facilities. Many of the products we manufacture and supply are used in defence and aerospace applications, where environmental conditions may be extremely demanding. By taking advantage of this test and burn-in capability, customers can be assured that products will achieve the highest levels of reliability in the field.”