Microwave Journal® announced the creation of a five-year fellowship award program for graduate students or working engineers to enable continuing education in the field of RF and microwave engineering. An annual fellowship of $5,000 will be awarded each spring. The fellowship program is named in honor of William Bazzy, founder of Microwave Journal.

"This multi-year fellowship program will promote continued study and advancement in the field of RF and microwave engineering," said Carl Sheffres, publisher of Microwave Journal. "And we're particularly pleased and honored to attach William Bazzy's name to this important fellowship program, to celebrate his foresight and entrepreneurial spirit, from the founding of our market-leading magazine to building a renowned international producer of magazines, books, online information products, and events serving the high tech community around the world."

An independent academic panel will select a fellowship recipient based on a written proposal of studies to be done submitted by the applicant.

Complete fellowship details and applications will be available at the Microwave Journal website http://www.mwjournal.com after August 1, 2006.

About William Bazzy

William Bazzy learned communications and electronics engineering while serving in the military in the 1940s. As a young radio and television broadcast engineer in Boston, he participated in the explosive growth of national broadcast networks, including intensive working sessions at RCA technologies, where new standards were being developed. In 1958, he brought together a team of engineering colleagues to address a need for technology information to serve professionals in the broadcasting and communications industries -- and Microwave Journal was born. As publisher, Bazzy led the magazine through tremendous growth as RF and microwave technology markets grew across the United States and around the world. In 1968, Mr. Bazzy's company, Horizon House, launched Telecommunications magazine to serve technical and management professionals in the fast rising voice and data communications industry. The company evolved to include industry exhibitions and conferences for the Microwave and Telecom industries, organized and produced from offices in the US and in London. Mr. Bazzy continues to serve as Chairman of Horizon House.