The HHPAV-433 Power Amplifier covers the frequency range from 59.5 to 60.5 GHz and is usable over the range of 58 to 64 GHz. The amplifier has an output power of +28.5 Psat and 18 dB gain. MMIC technology is employed for high reliability and repeatability employing one die. A single +6.0V bias is used to power up the amplifier. An onboard voltage regulator and bias sequencing circuitry provide the proper biasing for the unit. A power level of greater than 1 W can be achieved in the same mechanical envelope - (1" H X 1.3" L X 1.35" D) using two MMICS. The amplifier can be used in transmitters for communication and radar systems and also as part of test equipment suites.

Applications / Features

  • Terrestrial Communications…High P1dB or PSAT
  • Radar Transmitters…Single Bias / Internal Regulation
  • Test Equipment …Internal Bias Sequencing
  • Satellite Crosslinks …In-line RF ports

This product is for domestic sale only.

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