Rogers Corporation will feature a variety of its advanced materials solutions for the electronic design and semiconductor industries at DesignCon 2010 in Santa Clara, CA (February 2-3, 2010, Santa Clara Convention Center). Members of Rogers Advanced Circuit Materials (ACM) Division will be available at booth 811 to discuss a number of innovative electronic materials, including Theta™ printed circuit materials, ULTRALAM® 3000 laminates, RO2808™ laminates, and RO4000® LoPro™ circuit board materials.

Theta laminates and prepregs are environmentally friendly, high-performance FR-4 materials compatible with lead-free assembly processing. With a dielectric constant of 3.8 and low dissipation factor of 0.008 at 1 GHz, these halogen-free, low-cost circuit board materials are tailored for high speed digital applications. And with 30% lower coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) than high glass-transition-temperature (Tg) FR-4 substrates, Theta laminates ensure excellent plated-through-hole (PTH) reliability in multilayer designs.

Rogers ACM Division will also showcase its ULTRALAM 3000, RO2808, and RO4000 LoPro materials at DesignCon 2010. ULTRALAM 3000 laminates and bond ply materials exhibit low loss and high reliability for cost-effective, high-volume circuit-board production environments. These halogen-free, liquid-crystal-polymer (LCP) materials are suitable for single and multilayer high-speed and high-frequency circuits where excellent dimensional stability and high yields are critical.

Rogers RO2808 laminates blend consistent dielectric-constant characteristics with the low profile needed for compact circuit designs. They serve as high-performance organic replacements for low-temperature-co-fired-ceramic (LTCC) circuits in low-cost electronic designs. RO4000 LoPro laminates are ideal for both high-speed digital and high-frequency analog applications. They combine a low-profile copper foil with RO4000 dielectric material, resulting in significantly lower insertion loss and outstanding signal-integrity characteristics in a wide range of circuit designs.

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