Skyworks Solutions' metal-insulator-semiconductor (MIS) chip capacitors are available in a wide range of capacitance values and die sizes for chip-and-wire circuits requiring DC blocking, RF bypassing or as tuning elements in filters, oscillators and matching networks.

The capacitors have a dielectric composed of thermally-grown silicon dioxide over which a layer of silicon nitride is deposited. This two-layer dielectric produces a very a low temperature coefficient of capacitance, very high insulation resistance, outstanding long-term stability and excellent reliability. The temperature coefficient of capacitance is less that 50 ppm/°C, and the capacitors are suitable for operation from -65 °C to 200 °C. Skyworks MIS chip capacitors offer very high Q.

Wafers can be supplied on expanded film frame for automatic pick-and-place manufacturing. To reduce cost, chips can be supplied packaged in vials with sample electrical testing. Packaging in waffle packs with 100% electrical test and visual inspection is available if required.