Class-leading performance: Moderately priced signal generator from Rohde & Schwarz delivers ultra-pure analog signals

Munich, October 8, 2008 — Utilizing its extensive know-how in high-end analog-signal generation, Rohde & Schwarz is now providing the R&S SMC100A with class-leading price/performance for the economy segment. Although it is the smallest instrument in its class, the R&S SMC100A still generates signals of extremely high spectral purity. All important functions such as AM/FM/φM and pulse modulation are integrated, so no additional options are required. This combination of price and performance makes the R&S SMC100A suitable for service applications, field use and university labs. In addition, its short frequency- and level-setting times of <5 ms ensure efficiency in production applications. The R&S SMC100A is available from 9 kHz to 1.1 GHz or 3.2 GHz.

The R&S SMC100A from Rohde & Schwarz proves that high-quality products can be offered in the lower price segment. Compared with other instruments of its class, the compact signal generator (1/2 x 19", 2 HU) has excellent values for single-sideband phase noise (typ. –111 dBc, f = 1 GHz, 20 kHz offset, 1 Hz measurement bandwidth) and broadband noise (typ. –148 dBc). As a result, users have the opportunity to work with spectrally pure signals in this instrument class. In addition, test results are not affected by the measuring instrument. The analog AM, FM, φM and pulse modulation modes are available as standard. The frequency range up to max. 3.2 GHz covers applications in the 2.54 GHz ISM band as well as EMC requirements.

The high output power of typically greater than +17 dBm allows measurements on DUTs that require a high input level. Attenuation caused by external components such as cables, filters or matching networks can be easily compensated. In many cases, this eliminates the need for external amplifiers.

The R&S SMC100A is a flexible general-purpose instrument that also achieves top performance in its class when it comes to level accuracy (<0.9 dB) as well as frequency- and level-setting times (<5 ms). For example, if CW signals or signals with analog modulation are required in the production of keyless entry systems, RFID chips or amateur radios, the R&S SMC100A is the ideal instrument.

A combination of features that include high-grade workmanship, a wide range of functions, and specifications unique to its class make the R&S SMC100A the instrument of choice for cost-conscious users. In addition to the instrument's low purchase price, Rohde & Schwarz is providing an innovative service concept that minimizes the total cost of ownership. The concept includes a long calibration interval of three years, a built-in self-test for simplified error diagnostics, and the availability of precalibrated replacement modules that allow users to perform repairs themselves on-site.

The R&S SMC100A is now available from Rohde & Schwarz.