Economic solution to EMC certification from Rohde & Schwarz

Munich, August 18, 2008 — The new R&S ESL EMI test receiver from Rohde & Schwarz is designed to meet the needs of cost-conscious users who want to perform precise precompliance and diagnostic measurements up to 3 GHz or 6 GHz. This compact instrument is the only one in its price range to offer fully automated test sequences using the latest weighting detectors that conform to CISPR 16-1-1 specifications. Like all EMI test receivers from Rohde & Schwarz, the R&S ESL can also be used as a full-featured spectrum analyzer. Users can thus receive the absolute most from their investment.

Rohde & Schwarz – the market leader in high-performance EMC compliance testing for years – is launching a favorably-priced instrument for precompliance measurements that maintains the company's high quality standards. In the lab, the R&S ESL enables manufacturers of components, modules, and devices to measure disturbance at the early stages of product development and to take appropriate action. This saves time and money during the certification process because it helps avoid expensive redevelopment work on completed products.

The R&S ESL measures a DUT's electromagnetic disturbance in accordance with currently applicable commercial standards such as CISPR, EN or FCC. Using standard-compliant bandwidths and a selection of disturbance weighting detectors unique in this class (e.g. quasi-peak, CISPR average, RMS average), the test receiver consistently provides reliable results. Its ease of use and fully automated test sequences facilitate EMC measurements, which is a great help for users who do not perform EMC measurements on a regular basis. By performing a quick overview measurement, the R&S ESL first determines the critical unwanted frequencies. Its detectors then perform a second targeted and careful measurement of only these frequencies in order to weight the disturbance. This method saves valuable test time.

The R&S ESL stores the measurement settings and results on its hard disk. Users can generate comprehensive reports by means of the R&S ES SCAN EMI precompliance software from Rohde & Schwarz. Since the R&S ESL is compact, lightweight, and can be battery-operated, it is also an ideal mobile solution for network operators and government agencies that need to measure field strength on site or to locate sources of disturbance.

The R&S ESL test receiver is now available from Rohde & Schwarz.