RFMDrf3161SThe RF3161 is a high-power, high-efficiency power amplifier module with integrated power control that provides over 50 dB of control range. The device is a self-contained 6mmx6mmx1mm module with 50 Ohm input and output terminals.

The device is designed for use as the final RF amplifier in GSM850, EGSM900, DCS and PCS handheld digital cellular equipment and other applications in the 824 MHz to 849 MHz, 880 MHz to 915 MHz, 1710 MHz to 1785 MHz and 1850 MHz to 1910 MHz bands. The RF3161 can be used for GSM and Polar Mod EDGE applications. The RF3161 requires no external routing or external components, simplifying layout and reducing board space.


  • Ultra-Small, Ultra-Thin 6mm x 6mm x 1mm Package Size Integrated VREG Complete Power Control Solution
  • Large Signal Polar Modulation EDGE Compatible
  • No External Components or Routing
  • Improved Power Flatness through Integrated Current Limiter,
  • 2.5A Maximum Current Draw over VSWR,
  • all Phase Angles Applications
  • 3V Quad-Band GSM and EDGE Handsets
  • EDGE Capable Large Signal Polar Modulation Handsets
  • Portable Battery-Powered Equipment
  • GSM850/EGSM900/DCS/PC S Products
  • GPRS Class 12 Power Star™ Module

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