Run Simulations up to 30X Faster • Products get to market faster (three times as fast as the Accelerator - A30) • Extensive optimization of design • Determine design problems earlier in the development cycle Supports Simulation Sizes up to 200 Mcells • Simulations such as full body or vehicle models with small complicated features are best targeted at this platform Soft Memory Limit • Simulations that do not fit within the 6 GB of memory in the ClusterInABox Quad (Q30) will share memory with the host system Supports Complex Feature Models • Allows for fast and accurate models of complex simulations • Reliably tested and proven scientific models Pre-Configured or Certified Workstations Available • Pre-configured workstation allows you to use your simulation package out of the box • Certified workstations support add-on ClusterInABox • Rack mountable if desired Separate Chassis Connects to PCI-Express Connector • Power supply is self contained • Rack mounting available Compatible with Existing Software Package (Must be on Supported List) • Use your familiar simulation packages • Existing designs work on your software package